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A Chat With The Founders Of ‘NKsquare” – An IT Service Provider Company Based In Kohima, Nagaland

Today, we have three young energetic, extremely dedicated, grounded gentlemen with us who followed their passion and now are the founders of one of the leading IT companies in Nagaland, ‘NKsquare’. A place heaved with energy, dedication, enthusiasm and with faces brimming with smiles that make you feel welcomed! 

When many thought it was a far-fetched dream to start a private firm and make a living out of it, these three young lads took a chance and set out on their own path. NKsquare has set the bar high in providing IT services in various fields. The firm provides services such as IT Infrastructure Solution, Designs & Development of Web Application, Management system , Mobile Apps, Digital Signature and Consultancy.

We had a chat with the founders of NKsquare, an IT service provider company based in Kohima, Nagaland to know better about their work and some more.


(L-R) Neiphizo Kesiezie , Kepezelhou Semou , Kevilelie Pienyü

  • Tell us a bit about your team and how it all started?

Hello, we are Neiphizo Kesiezie , Kepezelhou Semou and Kevilelie Pienyü. We are all from different educational background with the same vision. It was on a random trip to Dimapur, 6 years ago, while the three of us were conversing about our future plans, we realized that we shared the same vision. We wanted to forge on something that we were passionate about, at the same time setting up a firm that is focused on generating employment especially in the IT field, which seemed alien to many back then. However, it felt like a clear and precise directive. Big dreams yet a small band of willing hearts, we started off with Rs.1500/- in Kepe’s room, all three leaning onto one table and working on one project and that led us to where we are today. We took our name initials as our company tag. Hence, NKsquare.


The founders of NKsquare having a brainstorming session 6 years ago at Kepe’s room

  • What is Nksquare all about?

Nksquare is an IT service provider company based in Kohima, started on June 1st 2014 as a local firm. It became a fully fledged e-governance company in June 2016, purely focused to “Envision and Empower” IT solutions to our society. The firm provides services such as IT Infrastructure Solution, Designs & Development of Web Application, Management system , Mobile Apps, Digital Signature and Consultancy.

Located at High School Junction, Nksquare is run by remarkable team who are tech- savvy, focused and goal-oriented with strong work ethic and actively supports the company goals.

Our Profile:
Kepelhoulie, the CEO is a Computer Engineer, a former employee of HP & IBM;
Neiphizo studied Psychology and an adventurous traveller.
Kevilelie Pienyü is a Sound Engineer and a Fitness Enthusiast.

Our personality traits don’t align but we definitely make the best team. Team is everything!

  • What inspired you guys to make NKsquare?

We passionately believe in the potential of our young people; there’s more beyond getting a degree and settling for an easy money job. We have to expand our horizons, get out of our comfort zone, and learn beyond the textbooks. This desire led us to start the firm and provide a platform for them to showcase how capable they are and how far they can go. In other words, fulfilling our dreams while fulfilling others.


Nksquare staff


Nksquare staffs

  • Sounds interesting! Can you tell us a bit about the range of projects that you have covered and what are the challenges faced along the way?

We do mostly government projects, and small industries to enterprise level projects. Most of them are to do with Development Software Applications and the IT Infrastructure.

Well, to say the least, lack of potential market and convincing the clients about the importance of Information Technology has been the most challenging part of the job.

  • What is unique about NKsquare?

We are a customer-oriented company and are experienced in implementation and management of large and complex projects. We do not believe in compromising the quality of our products and services. We ensure high level of accuracy and timely delivery to the customers. We offer Service Level Agreements for guaranteed services.


Nksquare team

  • Any message to the young entrepreneurs out there?

If you have a dream, find the courage to step out and defy all the odds. It’s not a question of how big or small the start is; what matters most is the Passion and Hard-Work that will drive you.

We wish the founders of NKsquare and the team a very successful future. Follow them on Instagram!


(L-R)Kevilelie Pienyü, Kepezelhou Semou and Neiphizo Kesiezie



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