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Recipe | Fresh Pork with Bamboo Shoot and Szechuan Leaves

“Pork with bamboo shoot” is almost synonymous with Naga pork dish – as bamboo shoot is the most favored spice to cook meat dishes in Nagaland. Another spice that compliments this particular dish is the szechuan pepper (the Aos call it “mong mong”), which is usually roasted and sprinkled on top as a finishing add on for a zingy taste.

Today Lidang cooks her famous pork-bambooshoot dish with szechuan leaves (Michinga pata in Nagamese). Here she uses the leaves as one of the main ingredients, along with the pork. This way, the dish is green and healthy while also maintaining that zingy flavor of the szechuan. Here’s the full recipe – which is super simple, and is done in four simple steps!

Rootsandleisure_pork Ingredients (Clockwise from Left) : Bamboo shoot, Dry red chilies, salt and szechuan leaves

Cooking time: 40minutes-1 hour

Ingredients :

  1. 500 grams of fresh pork, cleaned and chopped.
  2. Some dried chilies as per taste
  3. A handful of szechuan leaves leaves
  4. A handful of fresh bamboo shoot
  5. 500 ml of water
  6. Salt to taste

 Directions to cook :

  1. Put the pork and red chilies together into a deep vessel, add water and salt and cook with the lid on.
  2. After the chilies soften, take them out, mash them and put it back in
  3. Check if the meat is tender.If it is still a little hard, add a cup of water and cook till the meat is cooked and tender, and the water is almost dry.
  4. Add bamboo shoot and cook for atleast 10 minutes before adding the szechuan  leaves and allow the water to dry completely.

Fresh pork dish with bamboo shoot and szechuan leaves is ready!


Fresh Pork With Bamboo Shoot And Schezwan Leaves


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