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Representing Our Blood Line, Our People- Khasi Bloodz from Meghalaya

“Here’s to the heartaches that pulled you through/Here’s to the walls you built to stop them coming back to you/Here’s to the bad times you’ve been there before/ And oh your feet are sore and you can’t do it anymore…”  – A verse from their song ‘Don’t Stop’

Khasi Bloodz is a hip hop group from Meghalaya. The group, which started in late 2009, is the first Khasi hip hop group. Their music is influenced by Old School music, Hip Hop from the 90’s, Jazz and Rock. R&L member Lisa caught up with the group during one of their rehearsals.

Photo Courtesy: Khasi Bloodz

  • Hi there! Tell us how you got together to form a band?

We started off with six of us but a few months back, new members have joined the crew and our family has gotten bigger and better. Initially, our band was called ‘Khasi Blood’ as we wanted to represent the blood line of Khasi’s but later added the Z to make it sound more Hip Hop.

  • What kind of music do you make? And what is your inspiration?

We basically make Hip Hop music and a little bit of R&B (Rhythm & Blues), Boom Bap and Jazz Hop. We take a lot of inspiration from Old School music, Hip Hop from the 90’s, Jazz and Rock. A little bit of everything in fact.

  • What has been the strongest influence in your music?

We don’t have just one source of inspiration because we don’t just make music concentrated on just one thing or area. We make music on social causes, issues and personal lives on some level as well. In a nutshell, we draw our inspiration from the universe and from our roots, our native and personal identity of who we are and where we belong from.

  • How is the International and Indian music scenes and their influence in northeast(NE)?

International music scene has reinforced the realms of music and it’s the same in NE as well. More and more artists and musicians are coming out of their shell, coming together and making great music these days, as seen in the a lot of music festivals events happening in NE.

  • How is the response from your audience? 

People had a very wrong attitude towards musicians initially. But in recent times, more and more people have started accepting musicians.

  • Any message for the R&L community?

Thanks to the R&L for this opportunity. We really love what you are doing and hope to connect with you soon again in future!

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