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A Summer Getaway in the Hills — Sungratsu Village, Mokokchung, Nagaland

Hello folks! Up for a little adventure? We’ve sorted a quick getaway for you this weekend. If you’ve been seeking a calm place to relax in, Sungratsu village in Mokokchung district, Nagaland is perfect for you!

Nestled in the hills, this place is known for its beautiful landscapes, warm people and traditional handicrafts. We explored this quaint village recently. Read on to know about it!

The blue sky and the distant mountains from a viewpoint in Sungratsu, Nagaland.


The blue sky and the distant mountains from a viewpoint in Sungratsu, Nagaland

Sungratsu is a beautiful village nestled in the Asetkong Range of Mokokchung district, Nagaland. It is famous for making anishi/moyasu or dried yam leaf-cakes— a staple in traditional Ao and Naga cuisines.

About a twenty to 30-minute drive from Mokokchung Town, the way to the village offers some breathtaking views! Sungratsu village is adorned with scenic landscapes and lovely seasonal flowers.

Rewind underneath a cool summer sky, and surround yourself with nature and fresh mountain air!

What makes the place even better is the warm and welcoming locals. This warmth is transcended into their way of life and to the village as a whole. Once you take the time to know the village and the people, you are no longer a stranger to them.

Take a walk by the village, discover their simple lifestyle, interact with the folks, go on a picnic by the lake – there’s a lot you can do! Don’t miss the chance to learn about agriculture and handicrafts of the place, which is a major source of livelihood. 

Flowers in full bloom in Sungratsu Village, Nagaland

Red beans fresh from Sungratsu’s farms


Red beans from Sungratsu, Nagaland

You can also visit a well known resort, The Woods, in Yimchalu, which is only a few minutes away from the village. People come here from far and near to lay back and cool off in the pool or just to spend time with friends and loved ones.

Happy weekend!

The Woods, Yimchalu, Nagaland.

Some more photos from the place!

Misty hills, Sungratsu


A side view of an Ao Naga Morung(left)




Houses in Sungratsu, Nagaland

The quiet streets that you will love!

An interesting design for a viewpoint.

Away from the hustle and the bustle!

More flowers from Sungratsu, Nagaland