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Recipe | Naga Traditional Method to Make Steamed Sticky Rice and Axone Chutney

If you are travelling to Nagaland in the Northeast of India, and trying out local cuisine is your top priority, do not forget to taste the traditionally cooked “Sticky rice.” Sometimes eaten as a substitute for regular rice, it is also quite popular in Nagaland as an afternoon snack/mid-day meal. With the relatively earlier sunrise and super early breakfasts in this part of the country, a plate of sticky rice with some axone (akhuni) chutney on the side and a hot cup of tea is indeed a delightful treat. Sticky rice puris are also very popular as noonday snacks with hot tea [Recipe here] Our R&L contributor Lidang takes us to her kitchen to show us how their family cooks sticky rice and the very popular axone chutney (fermented soybean chutney). Full recipe and video below: Ingredients for Steamed Sticky Rice 1 kg of Sticky rice soaked overnight 2 types of pots: earthen pot with small holes at the bottom (like a momo steamer) and an aluminum pot (both medium sized) 2-3 banana leaves Some newspapers (to connect the two vessels together – one top of …

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Recipe | Smoked Pork with Akhuni and Black Sesame Seeds

Here is a Naga pork recipe contributed by R&L reader Elika. It’s another super delicious smoked pork recipe – with the aroma of axone and sesame seeds. Easy to cook, but will leave an unforgettable taste for a long time! Smoked pork cooked with Axone (fermented soya beans), and Sesame seeds. Best served with Rice. Ingredients: 1/2 kg Smoked pork (cut into 1″ cubes) 2 tbsps of Black sesame seeds 1 tbsp Axone 4-5 gloves of garlic 1″ Naga ginger 1 tbsp Red chilly powder Salt to taste Directions to cook: Roast the diced smoked pork in it’s own fat till there is enough oil coming out to cook the rest of the ingredients. Add salt, garlic, red chilly powder and cook till the meat is almost ready. In a separate pan, roast black sesame seeds and roughly pound them. Now add the sesame seeds and axone/akhuni (fermented soya beans) to the meat and cook for about 10-15 minutes. Garnish with a bit of roughly pounded Naga ginger and serve. Serve hot with steamed/boiled rice. Bon …


Recipe | Akhuni Chutney

Today, we are sharing a special recipe made with one of our favorite ingredients  – the akhuni. It is basically fermented soybeans with a unique flavor. First timers be warned – the smell can be pretty intense when you are tasting it for the first time. But once you get used to the taste, it can also be pretty addictive. So there – another warning 🙂 Fresh akhuni – prepared by wrapping boiled soyabeans (after draining out the excess water) inside banana leaves and kept over the fireplace and left to ferment for 3-7 days. Nagas use the akhuni in a variety of dishes ranging from chutney and pickles, to various popular dishes like smoked pork with akhuni, nula (snails) with akhuni and a host of stew dishes. Let’s get started with the chutney! Ingredients: 5-6 fresh green chillies 1 big tomato 1 ” fresh ginger A tablespoon of akhuni paste How to Prepare: Chillies: Roast them over the fireplace /stove. Do not forget to punch holes before roasting them Tomatoes: Roast the tomato by the fireplace or …