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This Is How Local Folks Are Beating The Cold Weather In Style!

It’s almost the season again, of hot cocoa and baked cookies, of the carols and the lights, of warmth and love but most of all for experimenting and layering up! Today we bring to you some of our most favourite winter trends from folks from around the world. With the prospect to layer your clothing, it’s a great way to showcase one’s creativity. To unravel the beauty of all those colours and textures and silhouettes is in itself a masterpiece and to use that very same piece to create something of your own is art in the truest sense. Starting off our list we have Lentina Constance, a dedicated mother of two, living in France. She hails from Nagaland and loves food, travelling, fashion and everything good! For winters, she adores her puff sleeves, knitwear and dark floral. In her words,               “I appreciate the cosy yet chic approach to cold-weather dressing. There’s nothing quite like a new jumper to make you feel the warmth from a mother’s embrace. Knitwear has sartorial superpowers that shouldn’t …


Here’s What Fashionable Working Professionals Wear in Nagaland

In Nagaland, in fact in most parts of North East India, “Fashion” is as trendy as it can get in an average person’s regular life. People out here are impeccably dressed – not just on occasions, but almost every day. For young and old alike, looking good is a prerogative, and sensible dressing aesthetics come naturally. In the spirit of celebrating good taste and our mission to give a glimpse into the local life – untouched and true, our latest contributor Tiarenla curates her most stylish friends to give us a taste of what Fashion means to working folks in Nagaland.  Sashila Ozükum | Administrator, Hope Academy, Dimapur Sashila’s style (photo above) is simple, elegant and classy. She believes that the way we dress says a lot about us. “I would like to come across as a smart, confident woman and my style helps me put that across. Workwear for me is semi formal attire – comprising mainly of dresses and skirts. I don’t have a particular place that I shop from, or favourite brands as such; however, I am biased …

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Top Fashion Trends from the Streets of Nagaland

  Staying in touch with the latest trends in fashion feels like a primary requisite these days. Don’t you agree? After all, putting an effort to dress well is not about vanity – but rather an expression of the best self. When that is the message, can we give our artistic spirit (yes we all have it!) a little more voice? . . . and with many fashionistas around to lend us some inspiration, one needn’t go to Milan or Paris, to check what’s trending. Here are the top 5 fashion trends  – reporting live from the Streets of Nagaland! #1 : DENIM JACKET Kutholeno sporting her oversized denim jacket with a loose black dress to compliment her casual – yet very stylish self. Aleno wears a denim jacket – experimenting with layers, for a casual day out on a warm, yet slightly chilly Kohima weather. #2 THIGH HIGH BOOTS Asenla wears her thigh highs with a button up skirt and tights, on a no-sunlight-kind-of-day, making the weather look less grumpy. Amen pairs her high boots with a fitted denim and a well cut leather jacket …