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Top Fashion Trends from the Streets of Nagaland


Staying in touch with the latest trends in fashion feels like a primary requisite these days. Don’t you agree? After all, putting an effort to dress well is not about vanity – but rather an expression of the best self. When that is the message, can we give our artistic spirit (yes we all have it!) a little more voice? . . . and with many fashionistas around to lend us some inspiration, one needn’t go to Milan or Paris, to check what’s trending. Here are the top 5 fashion trends  – reporting live from the Streets of Nagaland!


Kutholeno sporting her oversized denim jacket with a loose black dress to compliment her casual – yet very stylish self.

RootsandLeisure_Nagaland Fashion-12

Instagram: @kutholeno_

Aleno wears a denim jacket – experimenting with layers, for a casual day out on a warm, yet slightly chilly Kohima weather.

RootsandLeisure_NagalandFashion (9)

Instagram: @aleno_peseyie


Asenla wears her thigh highs with a button up skirt and tights, on a no-sunlight-kind-of-day, making the weather look less grumpy.

RootsandLeisure_NagalandFashion (2)

Instagram: blanc_muse

Amen pairs her high boots with a fitted denim and a well cut leather jacket to keep off the chill. With that, she puts on a beanie and her glasses , which perfectly brings out her strong yet cute personality.

RootsandLeisure_NagalandFashion (6)

Instagram: @menamen


The bomber jacket is another piece that seems to be trending in Nagaland right now (the world over actually!). It has been seen on both the young and the old alike, because of it’s versatility ; comes embroidered, patched, shiny, matte, and looks good in multiple colours.

An easy way to make a white tee look Cool and Stylish : Wear a pink bomber jacket on top.

RootsandLeisure_NagalandFashion (5)

Photo | Lungzeu

Atele glams up her casual look with a floral bomber jacket ; and the metallic bag gives the right amount of zing to her evening outfit.

RootsandLeisure_NagalandFashion (8)

Instagram: @alwayskiba

  • #4 CO-ORD SETS

Co-ord sets are basically an entire outfit – with matching top and bottom. People love it as it is a non-fussy and easy way to look well put, and stylish. Color coordinating your co-ord sets is the way to go!

RootsandLeisure_NagalandFashion (4)

Photo | Lungzeu in gray co-ord sets

Alih mixes her camel colored co-ord set, with a similar tone jacket and an off-white top inside, to give her outfit the perfect balance. The ruffles on her trousers gives it a playful twist – showing off her carefree personality.


Instagram: @a_jorlim


Sneakers are still going strong as many fashionistas are seen donning theirs –  as a way of incorporating athleisure into their wardrobes.

 RootsandLeisure_NagalandFashion (3)

Singer & Songwriter Virie wears her new Balance sneakers with a comfy sweatshirt and a uniquely styled cropped denim pant – true to her creative personality.

RootsandLeisure_NagalandFashion (7)

Instagram: @_virie_

Which one’s your favorite? Let us know on the comment section below.


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