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Here’s What Fashionable Working Professionals Wear in Nagaland

In Nagaland, in fact in most parts of North East India, “Fashion” is as trendy as it can get in an average person’s regular life. People out here are impeccably dressed – not just on occasions, but almost every day. For young and old alike, looking good is a prerogative, and sensible dressing aesthetics come naturally.

In the spirit of celebrating good taste and our mission to give a glimpse into the local life – untouched and true, our latest contributor Tiarenla curates her most stylish friends to give us a taste of what Fashion means to working folks in Nagaland. 

Sashila Ozükum | Administrator, Hope Academy, Dimapur


Sashila Ozükum

Sashila’s style (photo above) is simple, elegant and classy. She believes that the way we dress says a lot about us.

I would like to come across as a smart, confident woman and my style helps me put that across. Workwear for me is semi formal attire – comprising mainly of dresses and skirts. I don’t have a particular place that I shop from, or favourite brands as such; however, I am biased towards made-to-order wear.”

Shopping Destinations : Local tailor; Made-to-order


Akani Yeptho | Wife, Mother, Baker and Owner, AT Boutique


Photo : Akani Yeptho

Akani is a multi-tasking supermom, who also works at Nagaland Handlooms & Handicrafts and is a true fashionista at heart. Check out her very own AT Boutique to get a sense of her sartorial tastes. 

“My daily wear is mostly casual outfits that are simple and comfortable. I want to always present the best version of myself, so looking good, feeling good and being happy are very important to me.”

Shopping Destinations : Bangkok and Hong Kong

Lampang Konyak, Government Employee


Photo : Lampang Konyak

This young shy girl from Kohima works as an LDA in the RTO department in the state capital. She believes in comfort over style and can be seen dressed in chic yet minimalist outfits often drawing inspiration from her mother and elder sister.

“My everyday work wear is usually a trouser-top combo, with a pair of Zara trousers, tailored top along with matching flats. I believe that first impression is the last impression. Being presentable is sure to make a good first impression, so putting an effort to look good is not a frivolous luxury – but rather one of the most basic requirements to ensure you are well equipped to face everyday challenges better:)”

Shopping Destinations : Nagaland and Delhi

Akumnaro Jamir | Doctor, Faith Hospital, Dimapur


Akumnaro Jamir


Akumnaro Jamir


An MBBS in Internal Medicine and FID (Fellowship in Diabetology), and working as a Physician Consultant in Nagaland,  she defines her style as minimalistic – with a modest dose of class and elegance. Definitely one of the best dressed doctors around.

“It’s mostly fitted ankle length trousers with some pop of colour on my tops and shirts. I love my heels so you’ll mostly find me in comfortable heeled shoes. Off-work, I love wearing short dresses with sneakers. I pick anything that is comfortable to wear, and also helps me stand out.”

Shopping Destinations : Nagaland, or anywhere I travel to

Imlinungsang Jamir | Business Owner


This entrepreneur from Nagaland believes in mix-and-match. Someone who is not afraid to experiment; loves colour and prints – and some accessories to add finishing touch to his outfits

Most days of the week, I wear a bright shirt with Indian Jutti shoes. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, it’s semi formal – a polo shirt with jeans. For me looking good makes me happy. So I try to wear what makes me look and feel good “

Shopping Destinations : I love shopping, so I shop everywhere – from the showrooms to the streets.

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