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#Faces | This Portrait of an Old Man Captured By Tenzing Will Transport You Into A World Of Fantasy And Fairy Tales

“We had a day off and a friend of mine suggested we go birding in a forest a few kilometers out of Guwahati. So we grabbed our cameras, some supplies to eat and headed out.
My friend is an avid bird-watcher and frequently visits these forests. It was my first visit there so I didn’t know what to expect. We reached the edge of the forest and reached a temple that we needed to pass before actually entering the forest.

As we approached the temple gates we were greeted by this old man. He wasn’t a man of many words nor was he a ‘ray of sunshine’. He had one job to do… Perhaps the most important job there. It was to make sure that no one enters the temple grounds with their footwear on. My friend explained to me that even though we weren’t there to worship and were simply passing by, the rules applied to us all the same. His eyes looked our way as I took a quick shot of him.

When I came back to my hostel and went through the pictures from the day, this one caught my attention. It had a peculiar vibe about it and the more I looked at it, the more I was transported elsewhere – to a different world almost. To me, this picture is reminiscent of some character from a fantasy – the hanging clock, the lush forest and theย architecture of the entrance to the temple. It reminds me of the stories I read as a little boy; the Grimm’s fairy tales and the like come to mind.

“They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and this one spoke volumes to me “ Tenzing Lopsang Bhutia, Guwahati


The temple guard at Lokhra, Guwahati | Photo by Tenzing Lopsang Bhutiaย 



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