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Take a Trip to One of the Cleanest Villages in Nagaland – Mopungchuket

Hello Fam! Looks like we’ve just discovered the perfect place for you to wind down this weekend. We’re talking about Mopungchuket, an Ao village, 13 kilometer drive from Mokokchung. Trust us, spring is a good time to travel to Nagaland before it gets too muggy over the summer. This place is perfect when you just want to soak in a little bit of nature and pleasant sunshine!

So, what is this whimsical village all about? Find out below:


An overview of the Mopungchuket Village, Nagaland


A house amidst trees, surrounded by nature’s beauty | Mopungchuket Village, Nagaland

This village is said to be the cleanest village among the Ao villages, in fact in the entire Nagaland. It is known for its clean living, picturesque landscape and the warmth of the local people. Folks! Grab your bags already. While you’re here, don’t forget to learn about the legendary romantic story of Jina and Etiben!

What can you expect when here?

Expect a lot of delectable local cuisines, happy kids strutting around, abundance of seasonal flowers in almost every household, and of course, the village attractions such as the pillar/ village tower, cultural museums, historical artifacts, parks and the morungs. One of the most visited places here is the Sungkotenem park and the lake, where you can enjoy boating as well.


Local kids having a play time at Mopungchuket Village, Nagaland


Historical artifacts at Sungkotenem Park


People rock climbing at a local waterfall of Mopungchuket Village, Nagaland

There are home stays and guest houses, making it easy to find places to stay. You can experience and enjoy the rustic way of life in one of these houses. Also, the kind gesture of the locals make your travel even more worthwhile. Never miss an opportunity to interact with them while strolling around the village. You are sure to be invited for a cup of tea, dinner, or if lucky, you will get to leave the village with wonderful souvenirs.


Sungkotenem Park, Mopungchuket village, Nagaland



An old lady at one of the morung of Mopungchuket village, Nagaland

The people of Mopungchuket take immense pride in keeping their village clean, hence, the tag of the cleanest village. They religiously work to keep their houses and environment clean. We may as well learn a thing or two about mindful living. Happy travelling!


The Village people out and about cleaning and keeping the village clean | Mopungchuket, Nagaland

Let us know if you happen to visit and tell us about your experience too!



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