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This Ceramic Artist from Delhi Wants to Embrace the Old and the Imperfect | Meet Kritika Soni Founder of “Kara Sabi”

Art is a potent form of communication, often bridging cultures with its captivating ability to connect people. Today, we introduce you to an intriguing entrepreneur from Delhi, Kritika Soni. Her artistic journey began at Srishti School of Art & Design, Bangalore, and continued with a Master’s degree from the University of Arts London. Kritika is the Founder of Kara Sabi, a ceramic studio and brand. Through ‘Kara Sabi,’ she conveys the wisdom gained from her years of learning and creating, seeking beauty in imperfections through handcrafted ceramics. In our discussion with this talented 28-year-old, we delve into her journey and her venture, “Kara Sabi.” This project draws inspiration from Japanese traditional aesthetics, particularly the philosophy of ‘Wabi Sabi,’ which reveres all things old, worn, weathered, imperfect, and impermanent. Hi Kritika, please introduce yourself. Hi, I am Kritika Soni, 28 years of age, and founder of “Kara Sabi” I am a textile designer by degree and a ceramic artist by profession. I was born and raised in Delhi and after graduating in Textiles from Srishti School …

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Indie Rock Band From Nagaland “Trance Effect” Wants to Make Music That Heals Depressed Souls.

“Its alright, no more pretending.  Just ride without no worries  Its alright, don’t hide  . .” Just free yourself and let it dance ” goes the lyrics of the latest single ‘Stop Pretending’  by TRANCE EFFECT. This Indie rock band from Nagaland wants to use their music to talk about mental health issues and by doing so, aims to help people overcome their dark phase by creating beautiful music that heals. TRANCE EFFECT can be a safe haven for anyone who believes in the healing power of music. We sat down with the members of Trance Effect to know more about the team members, their music and some more Hi! Please introduce yourselves We are Trance Effect, a newly formed Indie band based out of Dimapur. We are a new band, formed in 2017. On vocals, we have our dynamic and compelling performer Iuli Yeptho, an energetic performer with her powerful vocals. Temsujungba on guitars, the bigger than life character and an outstanding showman. Sosang on drums, a quiet but an expressive player who never fails to …


Recipe of Nagaland’s Favorite Rainy Day Snack “Chana Mix” – by Tiapong

Summers in Nagaland can make you lazy and hungry; as it rains most days in some parts, while it tends to get hot and humid in other parts of the state. But on the brighter side, it’s the perfect time to sit at home – reading a book, watch some TV or working on some hobby. So yes, it’s also the perfect time to experiment with your own midday/midnight snacks! Our friend Tiapong from Dimapur came up with his own version of “Chana-mix” a popular local snack which is often spicy with a host of interesting ingredients. Let’s find out how Tiapong makes his. Full recipe below! Ingredients: ½ cup Matar (used the popular “Mokokchung Matar”) ½ cup boiled yellow peas ½ cup boiled grams “chana” 1 medium sized chopped onion 1 large tomatoes cut into cubes  2 chopped green chilies 2 packet of pre-cooked Rumpum noodles (crushed) 2 tbsp Mustard oil 2 Boiled potatoes cut into thin slices 1 Raja chilly cut into thin slices (optional ) 2 tbsp freshly squeezed Lemon juice Raisins (Optional) Coriander leaves for garnish Directions to make: …

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This Engineering Grad and MBA Dropout Found Her Passion in Storytelling | Meet Ramya Sriram – Creator of TAP Comics

They say no matter where you go and what you do, your dreams don’t die when you have the passion for it. Today’s guest has had an interesting journey –  from an aspiring medical candidate to an engineer to an MBA drop out to working in publishing then advertising, and finally settled on something that is truly hers. She tried many trades and yet, her love for storytelling and drawing never left her. Lucky for the world, she found her true passion and finally created TAP comics, which is a delightful mix of art, happiness, nostalgia and lots of good ‘ol humor! Meet Ramya, creator of TAP comics as she chats about her colorful journey and why she chose a career that is completely different than what she set out to achieve. Plus her love for drawing and more. Hi Ramya, please introduce yourself. I am Ramya Sriram currently living in Loughborough, UK. I’m a cartoonist/ writer from Hyderabad, India. I draw comics and write stories (or vice versa) at, a space where I hoard …


These Cosplayers from Nagaland are Redefining Cosplay Culture in India | Day 1 of Cosfest 2018, Kohima

It’s already been a week since the curtains closed in on the Cosfest event 2018, organized by the Nagaland Anime Junkies in Kohima Nagaland, but we are still high on the creativity displayed by the organizers and the cosplayers. This year, the R&L team finally got to experience the event first hand, and to say we are awestruck is an understatement.  The dedication put up by the organizers to bring this event to life is next level – equalled passionately by the creativity and enthusiasm of the cosplayers and attendees. Avid anime fans coming together to create the perfect event for all anime lovers. And not just anime, the event covers music, art, game, food, you name it. Here is one last glimpse of NAJ Cosfest 2018, which, by the way, is their sixth year. You read that right. SIXTH! And by the looks and what we hear of the event, it just keeps getting better and better. Scroll down below for photos and video from Day 1 of the event.  Organising team and Cosplayers enjoying a …


“Kids Parties Have to Be Fun, Magical and Affordable” A Chat with Narto Sema – Founder of ‘The Big Fun Factory’ Dimapur

Remember those yesteryears where we used to get all excited about taking a packet of toffees to school on our birthdays? With the birthday boy/girl even trying to extend their excitement to their best friends by giving them some extra toffees? Well, those days are, and will forever remain cherished memories .  Fast forward to today, birthdays are becoming a little more elaborate with a full-blown party complete with personalized custom-made cakes, along with parents trying their best to throw in some fun games and props to go with the mood. Sounds familiar? Yup, we’ve all made some attempts at organizing something similar for a kid, sibling, niece/nephew, or someone we know. And when the local home-based baker delivers the out-of-this-world cake that turned out better than we expected, we wish we had done something about the party setting and the games too. Well, thanks to enterprising folks in Nagaland, even kids in small towns can now experience a fantasy filled celebration on their special days! Narto Sema, a banker turned event planner and a …


Recipe| Wild Celery Cooked In Roasted Perilla Seed in Naga Style

We love our local vegetables (especially green leaves) the same way we love meat and here is another easy to cook recipe to add as a side dish with your favourite vegetarian thali or non -vegetarian thali and trust us, it won’t disappoint you .  In today’s recipe section , we will teach how to cook fresh local wild celery cooked in roasted perilla seeds . Cooking time : 20-30 minutes  Ingredients : Fresh bamboo shoot flesh (a handful) or depending on how much you are making Handful of wild celery 1 Tablespoon perilla seeds Couple of green chillies One cup of water Directions to cook : First boil water and green chilli. While they are boiling, roast perilla seeds and roughly crush them Once the bamboo shoot and green chillies are soft and cooked add the celery and salt and cook for 5-7 minutes or till water almost dries. Lastly, add the perilla seeds and take it off the flame Ready to eat with your favourite dish and local rice !

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This Sister Duo from Assam are Taking Food Aesthetics to Another Level Through Their Food Blog “The Mid Mess”

Two sisters  , Sabiha and Samee Taskin from Assam works 9-to-5  job but their passion for food and photography led to the birth of food blogging journey “The Mid Mess ” . From experimenting new recipes to creating an aesthetic plate of food that will make you think twice before you take a bite , these sisters will make sure you have your cravings fixed with the right amount of nutrition. We talk with the brains behind “The Mid Mess”  on how they started their journey , dreams and their love for food. Tell us a little about yourselves . We are Sabiha and Samee hailing from Assam and currently living in Bangalore who loves to eat, cook , nerd out about anything nutrition related.We also love travelling and has a passion for photography. We also work as freelance photographers so ,we take up many food photography projects across India, where we click photos of either their new launches or good looking delicious photos for their websites. Tell us about your venture <The Mid Mess>. How did you …

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Singer Songwriter Abdon Mech from Nagaland Talk About Growing up in a Family of Musicians

Abdon Mech was born into a family of four, where every other member is a musician including his father, mother, and sister. This talented 21-year-old singer-songwriter, despite stepping into the music industry just a year ago, has quickly emerged as a remarkable artist, captivating audiences with his soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. His musical prowess spans across genres, effortlessly traversing the realms of slow 70’s jazz and seamlessly blending into the infectious rhythms of peppy pop beats. With his undeniable talent and undeniable star quality, he has already on his way to stardom! We sat down to get personal with this young local talent from Nagaland to talk about his roots, musical inspirations, and more. R&L: Hello Abdon, please introduce yourself Abdon: I am Abdon Mech from Thahekhu Village, Dimapur in Nagaland. I am 21 years old and an aspiring singer/songwriter. I completed my Bachelor’s degree in English and will be pursuing my Master’s in the same soon. R&L: Introduce us to your work. What got you started? Abdon: Music started very very late for …

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Witness The Battle Of The Best Vocals & Dancers At K-POP World Festival India In New Delhi

As the curtain pulls down for NAJ COSFEST 2018  with Cosplayers from all over India giving us ANIME ATTACK  , we are here to add cherry to the top with another event that will make your Monday blues go away and its FREE ENTRY for all ! WHAT : K-POP World festival INDIA 2018 WHEN : 9th July, 6 Pm WHERE : Siri Fort Auditorium ,New Delhi WHO IS COMING  : K-POP band – SNUPER ( Guest judge) North- East in general have never been alien with  Korean drama / music/ fashion /beauty also popularly known as Hallyu wave and Nagaland even saw the first Korea-India music festival in the year 2008 under the Government of Nagaland and South Korea making K-POP even more prominent among the younger generation. With the rising popularity of PSY’s Gangnam style  , Hallyu wave is no longer region specific and India has marked its map on the K-POP fandom and it is definitely here to stay . The “Changwon K-POP World festival” happens every year and it is a unique festival organized …