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This Sister Duo from Assam are Taking Food Aesthetics to Another Level Through Their Food Blog “The Mid Mess”

Two sisters  , Sabiha and Samee Taskin from Assam works 9-to-5  job but their passion for food and photography led to the birth of food blogging journey “The Mid Mess ” . From experimenting new recipes to creating an aesthetic plate of food that will make you think twice before you take a bite , these sisters will make sure you have your cravings fixed with the right amount of nutrition.

We talk with the brains behind “The Mid Mess”  on how they started their journey , dreams and their love for food.

rootsandleisure_The midmess

Photo : Sabiha & Samee (R- L)

  • Tell us a little about yourselves .

We are Sabiha and Samee hailing from Assam and currently living in Bangalore who loves to eat, cook , nerd out about anything nutrition related.We also love travelling and has a passion for photography.

We also work as freelance photographers so ,we take up many food photography projects across India, where we click photos of either their new launches or good looking delicious photos for their websites.

rootsandleisure_The midmess

Caramel custard by The Mid Mess

  • Tell us about your venture <The Mid Mess>. How did you come up with it?

The blog was born out of us wanting to share all the things we create. Slowly we realized that process – the mess we create in between getting the raw food from market and the final dish on the table, is what excites us- hence the name “The Mid Mess”. It’s a place where no matter if you are an amateur cook , a trained chef or just someone who loves to hog on but never cooked, this is a platform to make cooking more approachable and easy.Ultimately all the recipes we create for this blog are based on our lifestyle and diet. Our style has always been to cook good, healthy and wholesome meals.

Coming from Northeast ,we are inclined towards simple flavorful food using natural ingredients for the dish to taste as true to what it should be. Sometimes we go creative and try to mix different flavours that compliment each other. It’s a fun process.

rootsandleisure_The midmess

Traditional Assamese meal by The Mid Mess

  • What sparked you to start your food blogging journey?

We have been creating and developing recipes from quite some time. Our mom is an excellent cook and baker herself and does lots of baking for friends/family whoever wants to order for any kind of celebrations. So, growing up  food was and is an important part of the family. After summing up some courage and getting lot of positive feedback from friends and clients, we started our food blogging journey officially.  We love playing with new recipes and is passionate about photography so entering the food blogging family seems like a good option.  Also, we’d love to reach out to more people across the globe with this adventure of ours.


  • Your Instagram bio says, ” Creative food recipe creator and stylist “. Tell us about it and how is it different from the rest?

Creative because we like to explore and see and check out what compliments the other.  Also, creative, because we love styling. Laying the food, using various backdrops, props etc to tell a story through our food. Maybe we can do a food styling Workshop of like-minds.

We love styling the food we create, as we believe it taste much better doing so.  I feel that’s what is different with our page. We cook the food and style it on own and try to say a story that might interest and inspire others.

rootsandleisure_The midmess

Pears toast with Pomegranate jewels by The Mid Mess

  • What do you do full-time? How do you manage to indulge in your hobby?

Sabiha works as an IT Developer and Samee as a Data Analyst, but we find the real joy in food. Amidst belonging to the corporate world with daily 9-5 job, we find our happy place cooking and creating new recipes, it kind of therapeutic. Blogging is more like a weekend activity but at times we do like to document our food update and Instagram is a such a good platform to stay connected and share ideas.

rootsandleisure_The midmess

Rice pudding with plum jaggery by The Mid Mess

  • Do you take orders? If no, would you like to consider being food blogger as full-time job?

We don’t as of now, but that’s something we are keen on doing. Take orders, maybe start with an online platform, or collaborate with other existing platform.  As for full time Blogger, we’d love to in some later point of life, when there is a stability and consistency. But yes, it’s definitely something we are considering.

  • What is the best compliment you have ever got for your cooking skills? What is your favourite cuisine that you like to create?

Whenever we host meals for friends or colleagues, at home we always get good compliments  . That was the initial motivation on creating this page. As for Favorite recipe, we like Thai and Lebanese food, both for different reasons. We love how they use so many natural ingredients to flavor in Thai Cuisine , its complex and simple at the same time. Lebanese because we love how they use spices and lemon.Also their food is very clean with lot of raw food with amazing dressings. Plus Indian, it’s like by default our favorite 😀

  • 5 years down the line, where would you like to see yourselves in this industry?

Wow, 5 years. We have some goals and dreams, hopefully we fulfill them 😛 We dream to open a Restaurant or a Cafe someday. Collaborate with lot of creators, be inspired and rise all together. Do more photography, spread the passion among others and collaborate with good brands we 100% believe on.

Follow @themidmess on Instagram for more healthy and tasty recipes!

rootsandleisure_The midmess

Spaghetti Bolognese by The Mid Mess


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