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A Chat With Avijoy Chanda, Owner Of Aroo-De Waffles – A Portable Canopy Street Shop In Guwahati, Assam

Probably the most exciting thing for foodies is discovering new and great street food. It’s accessible, affordable and not to forget – delicious. Today, we have 25-year-old Avijoy Chanda from Assam who runs a waffle shop in a portable canopy called the “Aroo-de Waffles” based in Guwahati. It is a favourite of many locals as it serves variety of flavours that are oh-so delicious! It was Avijoy’s love for waffles since his Delhi days that gave him the idea to start this. Find out more below:

We had a chat with Avijoy Chanda, the owner of one of Assam’s famous street shop “Aroo-de Waffles” to talk about what got him started, its specialities and more!


Photo : Avijoy Chanda, owner of “Aroo-de Waffles” from Guwahati, Assam

  • Hello! Introduce a little about yourself.

Hello! They say, “Normal is Boring”, and I, Avijoy Chanda, couldn’t agree more. Being a 25-year-old working professional and owning a business at the same time, is an exciting and unpredictable experience. Living in Guwahati, I have since birth been a creative child and as I grew older, I became very interested in the world of business, economics and start-ups.

  • Tell us about your place, AROO-DE WAFFLES. When was it launched?

I still remember, during my brief stay in Delhi, waffles were my go-to dessert. And whenever I would come back to visit my family in Guwahati, I would always end up craving a good waffle in town. This personal craving soon converted to an idea to open a waffle shop here. And by February 20th, 2018, we had done all we needed to do to finally put a physical outlet of my idea for the people of Guwahati to explore and truly understand what a great dessert a waffle can be.

  • What is the story behind the name and the brand concept?

After brainstorming on the menu and coming up with unique flavours (we have a flavour called Wiichoo, which combines Lychee, White Chocolate and Caramel Syrup), time had come for us to decide on the name of the brand. We wanted to add a touch of Assamese lingo to the name so that people could relate to it more easily and that’s why we came up with the name “Aroo-dé Waffles” which literally translates to “Give Me More Waffles” in Assamese.

One of the best seller – Red Velvet Waffle at “Aroo-de Waffles”


Red Velvet Waffle

Oreo waffles with ice-cream


Oreo waffles with ice-cream


Waffles of “Aroo-de Waffles”


Waffle stick of “Aroo de Waffles”

  • What is special about Aroo-de Waffles?

Oh, we are definitely special! Why, you ask? Because we are a Portable Canopy Street Shop, that’s why! It’s so much fun to be around busy passers-by and have them taste our waffles and see their reactions if they are tasting them for the first time! Nearby college students and faculty members have become regular visitors. Being a portable canopy shop has its benefits too. For example, going to events and parties has been a breeze from a logistical standpoint. So next time you see your friendly neighbour Waffle Street Shop, give us credit for inspiring them!

  • What are the challenges that you face while running your waffle shop and the lessons you’ve learnt ?

We have always strived to be creative in our approach to solve any problems for the business. Having that mindset has led us to have some unique set of flavours in our Menu that we are sure will be hard to find anywhere else in town. Also, the fact that we are a portable canopy shop was a result of that thinking in the first place. During the initial months of our operations, we were struggling with the standard street-cart that we had at the time. Soon after, mechanical hardships became our best friends, especially everyone’s favourite: TYRE PUNCTURE. That’s when one day it clicked: People aren’t buying from us because we are in a cart; people are buying from us because it’s “US”. So why not have a simpler construct to serve our waffles to our patrons and which will additionally be a huge relief to our constant back pains! And a Canopy was the answer!

Aroo-de Waffles Cart in Guwahati, Assam


Aroo-de Waffles Cart in Guwahati, Assam

Aroo-de Waffles’ Portable Canopy Shop just outside the Gamers-connect in Guwahati


Aroo-de Waffles’ Canopy just outside the Gamers-connect in Guwahati

A clip of preparing Choco-waffles

  • What’s the most special thing on your menu?

We have crazy flavours of waffles which have quickly become favourites among waffle-lovers; Bros’-Nut, CinnaCa and Coffle have acquired a fan following of their own. We are constantly coming up with new ideas and making little changes in our menu so that people can always look forward to new experiences.

Currently, we are working on a new flavour which will give you the taste of Assam in every bite, so keep an eye out for it! (hint: it has a Scoville Heat Units of 1,041,427!).

We are currently parked near Nehru Park, opposite Cotton College. Do give us a visit! Our waffles depend on it!

To know more about “Aroo-de Waffles” follow them on Instagram!


Menu of “Aroo-de Waffles”

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