Month: June 2019


FACES | “My Name is Sendu Lepcha and I am Flying Back Home Like a Bird” – By Ekzella Bista

I’m a 24 year-old German-Indian, residing in Sikkim. Currently, I work for the government but I’m very passionate about taking photographs of things that happen around me. Most of the pictures I take are not about me but about the people around me. I love to chat with people after I take their photographs, and listen to their stories. This inspires me in many ways. Here’s a photograph of a young boy who I came across one fine day. As I was talking to him, he said, “My name is Sendu Lepcha and I am flying back home after my school like a bird. I’m 9-years-old and my mom has a shop where she sells momo. My mama said I lost my dad when I was 6-years-old. My dad lost his life when he was working with the woods in the village. When I grow up, I want to become a footballer like Messi”. ~ Ekzella Bista A young boy happily running home after school to his mother | Photographed by Ekzella Bista


Summer Style Inspiration With Sungjem And Holoti From Nagaland

If you have not updated your wardrobe yet, it’s the perfect time to start putting away the heavy, drab winter clothes and dress up yourself in light and bright colours, this summer. Here are some summer fashion ideas for you. Today, we have Holoti Yetho, a 14-year-old girl from Maple Tree who loves dressing up and taking inspiration from her k-pop idols; and Sungjemlila Longkumer who loves to make a fashion statement everyday! Holoti Yetho from Maple Tree School, Dimapur about her summer go-to clothing and more! Also a chat with Sungjemlila Longkumer about her love for dressing up during summer! Summer is here, and we are sure you are ready for the season. How well have you prepared for it? Summer, a season that can make us feel all sweaty leading to dehydration. This summer, both Holo and Sungjem are making sure to keep themselves super hydrated and not forgetting their sun blocks. They are both hyped for this season in their comfortable yet chic outfits. Can you share some of your favourite summer …


A Chat With Wungyophy A Shipo, Cabin Crew At Etihad Airways, About Her Travel Experience Across The World

Some people travel to seek adventures and some travel to discover new cultures, to find themselves. Every traveler has a different story to tell and today, we have Wungyophy, who shares her globetrotting adventures with us. She hails from Manipur and currently lives in Abu Dhabi working as a cabin crew at the Etihad Airways. Wungyophy said her work has given the greatest opportunity to explore the world and she is more than grateful for it. She lives every moment of her days following her dreams! Let’s find out more about her and her travel diaries. We had a chat with Wungyophy A Shipo, from Manipur to share about her travel experiences and more! Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. Hello! I’m Wungyophy A Shipo aka Nanao Shipo from Ukhrul, Manipur. I am 31-years-old and currently living in Abu Dhabi, working as a cabin crew for Etihad Airways. “Waking up everyday being grateful that you can still dream higher and follow your heart” defines me. What does travelling mean to you and what inspired …


Meet The Members Of ‘Re-Creatorz Crew’, Dance Group Based In New Delhi

Over the past few years, k-pop has been a major influence and inspiration for the young boys and girls across the globe, including our very own country. Today, we have a dance group that goes by the name, “Re-creatorz Crew” formed in the year 2017. The members come together from different places but currently, they are based in New Delhi. The crew comprises of seven talented members, four boys and three girls. They were the runner-up in the K-pop fest, 2018 which was held at the capital and they are working even harder this year to bring home the winning title. Let’s find out more! We had a chat with the members of the dance group, ‘Re-creatorz Crew’ to talk about their group and how they got together, etc. Thank you for joining us! Please introduce your group to our readers. Hi! We are Re-creatorz Crew – dance group based in New Delhi, comprising of seven members – four boys and three girls.  I’m Sam rz, 22 years of age and the founder of our …


#RECIPE | ‘Pan Fried Chicken Thigh With Purple Rice’ – By Thanyo Lungleng From Manipur

Weekend’s here and it’s time for amazing food recipe once again! We are happy to have generous contributors to share their homemade delicacies with us every Saturday. Today, we present to you a special dish, ‘Pan fried chicken thigh served with purple rice’ – by Thanyo Lungleng, passionate cook and home baker from Manipur. She said her dish is inspired by famous Japanese Tori Katsu. Let’s find out! Thanyo’s dish ‘Pan fried Chicken thigh served with purple sticky rice’ inspired by Japanese Tori Katsu. Ingredients : Boneless chicken thigh (2 pieces) Sticky rice (2 cups) Butter (2 tbsp) Ginger and Garlic paste (2 tbsp) Red dried chilli (4) Coriander (1 gm) Salt to taste Directions to cook : STEP 1 : First marinate the boneless chicken thigh in salt, 1 tbsp paste of ginger and garlic overnight. Pan fry it in butter for about 20-30 mins on medium low heat (flip after every 5-10 mins) STEP 2 : For the sauce, add 1 tbsp of oil in a frying pan then add the ginger and garlic …