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Imrongtuden aka IMXRNG from Nagaland Talks About Creating Lo-fi Music and His Bold Musical Ambitions

One of our greatest gifts that is solely ours is our ability to dream; while some toil to make their dreams come true, some blend into the shadows of fear and frustration. So it is encouraging to see some brave hearts go against adversaries in pursuit of their dreams – however odd or bold they may seem. A friend of mine is one such courageous soul, who has made the bold decision to take the path of resistance to follow his passion for music. I’d like to introduce you to Imrongtuden from Dimapur, who is an aspiring musician/Producer/DJ. Apart from his musical talent, he is also known among his circle for his creativity, hard work, and curiosity. He plays the piano pretty proficiently as well, and makes great Anime art. Let’s find out more about him, his music and more. Session Musician and Lo-fi producer Imrongtuden from Nagaland Supong: We can only ever start something by truly knowing the person, to start it off would you like to tell us a little about yourself. Imrongtuden: …

Rootsandleisure_Greige Rose Chocolates

‘Greige Rose Chocolates’ from Nagaland Have the Most Delectable Collection of Quirky and Colorful

23-year old Rose from Nagaland had to quit her job as an air hostess during the COVID pandemic in 2020. But this young woman showed her resiliency and inner talent by taking the downtime to launch her own chocolate brand. It’s been less than a year since she started her venture, but her homemade chocolate brand ‘Greige Rose Chocolates‘ has been making waves among the locals in Nagaland. ‘Greige Rose Chocolates‘ is known for using perfectly tempered chocolates to create the most creative and imaginative designs. They come neatly packed in gorgeous packaging and each new item is a breath of fresh air just like the creator herself. I chat with its founder Rose, to delve deeper into her story and her chocolates! Read on. Rose, Owner of ‘Griege Rose Chocolates’  Menule: Hi, please tell us about yourself!  Rose: Hi, my name is Rose and I’m 23 years old. I am the owner of ‘Greige Rose Chocolates’ which I started back in June of 2020. I had just quit my job as an air hostess …

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‘Mu Kimchi’ Restaurant in Gangtok, Sikkim is a Korean Food Lover’s Paradise | Chat with Owner Nitesh Chamling

  ‘Mu Kimchi’ is a super popular restaurant in Sikkim – serving authentic Korean cuisine. With its cozy welcoming ambiance, this place is a must-visit for all Korean food lovers for a fun night out with family and friends. Customers from all over the world – including Koreans, have been spotted in this happening spot in Gangtok. We recently chatted with the owner – Nitesh Chamling, a young entrepreneur from Gangtok, who has been running this restaurant for the past 6 years. A Civil engineering grad from Bangalore, he left his job in the city to pursue his dream of opening a restaurant in his hometown. Over a quick chat, Nitesh gives us a run-through of the top 5 Korean cuisines to try, his favorite leisure activities, and more. Nitesh Chamling – Owner of ‘Mu Kimchi’ restaurant, Sikkim Hi Nitesh, welcome to R&L! Please introduce yourself to our readers. Nitesh: My name is Nitesh Chamling, I come from a small town called Temi in South Sikkim now I reside in Gangtok. I did my schooling …

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Naga Tribes and Their Colorful Costumes Come Alive Through These Stunning Artwork by Florence Lohu from Nagaland

“Every good painter paints what he is.” — Jackson Pollock Introducing our bubbly and talented artist Florence Lohu from Nagaland. A self-taught watercolorist, her work truly is magnificent – in the way, she fills the hearts and minds of her viewers. I find her work truly artistic, and equally informative. Among her numerous sketches, the ones that stand out are the colorful illustrations on Nagaland, which have been, by far, the most captivating medium to learn about the numerous Naga tribes – and their one-of-a-kind array of costumes. To get a better sense of what I am talking about, I invite you to read on as I chat with Florence – and give you a glimpse of her artwork.  Chat with watercolorist Florence Lohu from Nagaland, known for her colorful illustrations on various tribes of Nagaland. Supong: Hi Florence, welcome to R&L! Please introduce yourself.  Florence: Hi! I am Florence Lohu, a self-taught aspiring watercolorist. I belong to the Mao Naga tribe and was born and brought up in Kohima Nagaland. I am currently freelance …


Recipe | Smoked Pork with Banana Blossom and Bitter Eggplant (Likok)

“Are banana blossoms edible?” Absolutely yes – and they have some noteworthy benefits for your health too. Just look it up. Not only that, they are just as delectable, and a popular ingredient used in various North East Indian recipes. Today, we are making a banana blossom dish with another star ingredient: Smoked pork. An interesting add-on would be the ‘Likok’ aka Bitter Eggplant, which lends a balancing taste note to the overall dish. This non-fussy dish is simple to make but has a unique memorable taste. So let’s start cooking! Smoked Pork with Banana Blossom and Likok Eggplants Ingredients: 1 Kg Smoked pork (chopped into cubes) 1 banana blossom 3-4 potatoes Around 100 gms of whole Eggplant bitter (Likok) 2 medium-sized tomatoes 8-10 Green chilies  Salt to taste Main Ingredient 1: Smoked Pork Main Ingredient 2: Banana Blossoms Getting the Ingredients Ready: Banana blossoms: Remove the outer covers until you get the inner softer white portion. Now holding it vertically with the stalk on top, start slicing into small thin pieces with a sharp …


They Met in Nursing College and Now They Run One of The Cutest Hobby Venture ‘Oi Oi Patio’ – Meet the Founders Oyinang and Chubamenla

One day as I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across these gorgeous macramé handbags from an account called ‘Oi Oi Patio’. Still in awe, I was even more amazed to find out that the creators are based out of Arunachal. Lucky for me, one of my friends knew of them, and I was able to get in touch with them. ‘Oi Oi Patio’ is the brainchild of two friends from North East India – Oyinang Taggu from Arunachal and Chubamenla Aier from Nagaland. The two friends met in nursing college, and are now working full time – and also runs this hobby project together. “With our current 9-4 working schedule, we usually spend 4-5 hours on working days and 7-8 hours on weekends on ‘Oi Oi Patio.’ Phew! I am now even more intrigued to know how they manage it all – and what is the force behind their motivation. Read on to know all the details. Founders of ‘Oi Oi Patio’ (L-R) Oyinang Taggu from Arunachal and Chubamenla Aier from Nagaland Menule: Hi, …

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A Song for Every Mood – Music and Musicians from North East India

  Over the weekend, we had a fun leisure chat with our readers, where we shared our current moods – in exchange for a song. By the end of the session, we had compiled a pretty good playlist of songs performed/written/composed by talented musicians from North East India. Scroll below to check out the list.  p.s: We have our weekly community chats on Instagram. Do visit for some fun. Also, remember to regularly check in on your friends – and ask how they are doing. “Very bad mood due to cramps” ~ @journalofhisdaughter Dedicating this song “Warrior’s Call” by Colored Keys Nagaland. Composed in two Naga dialects (Chakhesang and Angami) with a blend of tribal folk and contemporary western melody, this song is guaranteed to help you relax, and meditate. Breathe.    “Hopeful” ~ @ruchielal Play ‘Korou’ (meaning ‘Sunlight’ in Manipuri) by June Neelu Ft B.Maisnam from Manipur. A song about the beauty of nature… the sunrise, dews, birds, wind, and the mountains, this has been our go-to video for afternoon daydreaming and endless optimism. …

Rootsandleisure-Poets from North East India

World Poetry Day | Poets and Poetry from North East India

On World Poetry Day, we compile our list of local authors from North East India, who have penned their deepest, most personal thoughts through poetry. Showcasing the variety of writers from the region especially seems apt on an international day like this – a day, that is intended to promote linguistic diversity. Vancouver Shullai from Shillong – author of ‘How To Love A Broken Man’ “My poetry is, more often than not, a protest. There are poems that bring in a feel of the Romantics; they’re a lot like tea breaks from resentment. I hold every poem in equal regard because each of them comes from a place of extremely pure inspiration. To put it simply, I don’t force my poetry. If I feel it, I write it. If I don’t, I don’t.” ~ Vancouver Shullai Michelle Rungsung from Manipur – author of ‘Garden in a Graveyard’ “My readers are aware that most of my work revolves around my childhood memories and my home because it was where I began in the first place. I …

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Faces | “Capturing This Sunrise in the Wheat Fields of Ludhiana Made Me Believe That India is Still a Golden Bird”

“I took this picture during one of my photo-walks in the outskirts of Ludhiana, Punjab. Just like people wake up in the early hours to do yoga or exercise, my morning ritual often comprises of long walks by myself – and my camera.  This was on my way towards Flahi Sahib, one of the popular Gurdwaras in the area. The sunrise this particular morning had a magical golden view as it rose above the expansive wheat fields. That moment I took this picture, I immediately thought of how India is a Golden Bird even today, to me; and anyone who disagrees might change their mind after seeing this photo. I still remember the hope and pride I felt in my heart as I admired this view that morning…” ~ Harsh Jain, Ludhiana “Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground.” ~ Frederick Douglass

RootsandLeisure_photographer Ved-Assam

“I May End up Hating Photography If It Becomes My Bread & Butter; I Just Want to Click Photos and Make People Stop, Wonder, and Think.” – Photographer Ved from Assam

I’d like to introduce Ved – a talented photographer and videographer friend of mine from Assam, whose work I’ve been following ever since I’ve met him (and worked with) at a university event in Jorhat back in 2019. A fellow traveler, he is always up for an adventure and a great conversationalist. For anyone meeting him for the first time, it is easy to spot his natural passion and love for his work – and life in general. With his go-getter attitude and an infectious positivity, I really enjoyed this chat with him.  Deno: Hi Ved, welcome to R&L! Please introduce yourself. Ved: I’m Ved, a photographer and videographer based in the quaint little town of Jorhat, Assam. I like to believe that photography runs in my blood because both my grandfathers were very talented photographers and I’ve grown up looking at framed black and white prints of their work. I started dabbling in photography from a young age but I developed the technical know-how much later. I got my first client when I was …