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Meet Chichan Tongtimen – A Student and A Singer from Dimapur

“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” ― Keith Richards

For some, singing just comes naturally and flawlessly. Today, we have with us one such soulful singer, Chichan Tongtimen. Currently pursuing Physiotherapy from Delhi NCR, she also performs at various events and occasions.

Born and brought up in Dimapur, Chichan’s passion for music grew with age and she hopes to continue pursuing her studies and music, simultaneously. We sat down with her to know her and her music a little better. Visit the link in bio or below to read!  


Chichan Tongtimen

  • Hey Chichan, tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello, I’m Chichan Tongtimen and I’m from Dimapur. Currently, I’m 23 and pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Faridabad and I love to sing. Singing has always been my passion, so whenever I get the time, I sing. It always makes me feel myself. I also used to play the piano before and I play Ukulele sometimes.

  • For how long have you been singing?

I started singing from a very early age, but I am not a trained singer. I’ve always wanted to work on getting myself more involved in singing, however, I couldn’t, since I had to focus on my academics first. It wasn’t so easy for me to balance the two! I always thank God for the talent he gave me through which I can bring a smile on someone’s face. I’ve sung and performed in weddings, churches, and college events.


One of Chichan’s early performances

  • From where do you draw your inspiration? Any idols that you look up to?

I don’t have any idols in particular. I love and respect each and every singer. Be it international celebrity singers or our local singers. Melodious sounds of music will always give me chills and high heart rates. And  jamming sessions with friends are my favorite! They are a source of inspiration to begin with. As an artist, we should respect each and every singers, songwriters or musicians.

  • Today, there are a lot of genres that singers are exploring. What is your take on the modern music?

Yes, I agree with that. We have come a long way in this journey. Comparatively, I feel that modern age music is much more privileged. And we should definitely make good use of it. These days, one has a number of methods and platforms to work on music and express his or her emotions and talents. Though, I may sound repetitive but today’s musical age has so many opportunities and privileges for upcoming artists, singers,musicians and I think the younger generations should be encouraged to explore the vast platform of music.


Chichan singing at her college event.

  • Any memorable experiences of your performance?

Every performance is memorable for me. Every time I perform, I get to learn more and work on my abilities to sing better. It boosts up my confidence. And I wish to continue doing that!

  • Any message that you’d love to give the aspiring artist?

My only message to the aspiring artists is to learn to believe in themselves. There’s nothing that one cannot do by having faith. We should also have room for constructive criticism and not take it the hard way. Never look down on yourself, keep working hard, stay positive and remember to thank God.

Thank you, Chichan Tongtimen. We wish you a wonderful life ahead!

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