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Moments & Events Captured At Hornbill Festival 2019!

To add to this festive time of the year, Nagaland hosts its famous Hornbill Festival to celebrate music, art, food, and culture. Started 8 years ago, every year the festival brings with it a different experience for attendees. The vibrance and the energy only increase with every new edition of the festival, and 2019 was no exception!  Today, we bring to you some of our favorite moments and sights from the festival. Brew your tea, sit back and take a look at these beautiful shots that sum up Hornbill ’19. The festival wraps up tomorrow, make sure you drop by!  You can find different varieties of handicrafts to choose from. Morungs (Naga traditional huts) from different tribes of Nagaland. In case you’ve missed the fun, don’t worry. There’s still a day left, so hurry up and get to Kisama before you get a case of FOMO! More from Hornbill Festival across the years HERE.


Nzan Kikon, A Counselling Psychologist and Writer, Talks About His Book ‘The Starry Night’

A dreamer, who believes in making the world a better place, Nzan Kikon has much to offer through his work. When he isn’t busy reading, you can find him pursuing his profession as a counselling psychologist. We chatted with him as he launches his book, ‘The Starry Night’, a book based on family drama with a psychological theme on living with mental illness, family bond, forgiveness, second chance.  Nzan Kikon Tell us a little bit about who you are, where are you from, and what you have been up to? Hi, my name is Nzan Kikon, and I’m 31 years old, residing in Kohima, Nagaland. I am a dreamer who believes in making the world a better place, for those who are here today, and those who will be replacing us. I am also a Science enthusiast, where I believe that embracement of Science will propel us to a time where we can only dream of now. I am also an avid book lover, with my ultimate goal to build my own library at some …


#FACES | Photographer Captures The Love and Affection Between Siblings

On one of his photo-walks, photographer John Kapfo spotted a moment of pure love between siblings and couldn’t help but capture it in his camera. He says, “Your siblings are your first friends, and sometimes, your first enemies too! You fight, argue, play, and share an unmatched relationship with them. The affection and love showed between siblings, no matter what the age or gender, can truly be an inspiration. As seen here, a simple gesture can truly evoke a thousand emotions, a wordless story no doubt.” Picture clicked by John Kapfo. Follow him on Instagram for more.

Menule Chirhah, Founder of Mini Explorer, Is Helping People Find The Best Places To Eat In Kohima

Meet Menule Chirhah, an avid and adventurous gastronome. Currently pursuing her master’s degree in English Literature, she’s transformed her love for food into Mini Explorer, where she’s helping people discover restaurants and new dishes in Kohima. She’s always been a foodie and has a knack for finding the perfect spot for different types of cuisines. Inspired by this, she took it upon herself to discover, review, and share her discoveries with people.  Greetings Menule Chirhah! Tell us a bit about yourself. Hi, I’m Menule Chirhah, and I’d like to call myself a food enthusiast. I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in English Literature but when I’m not studying, I like to live life vigorously. I also like exploring, be it food, places, or new experiences. I believe life has a lot to offer and I’m excited about what’s waiting on the other side. What is your key inspirations behind Mini Explorer? As a foodie, I loved visiting new restaurants and trying out new items on the menu. Since my friends know this fact about me, …


Meet Anen Jamir, A Singer from Mokokchung, Who is Winning Hearts With Her Talent

When we say, Northeast is a talent hub, we definitely are not lying! Today, we have a very talented singer with us, Anen Jamir. A 15-year-old self-taught musician, Anen has made several covers and continues to charm people with her heartwarming voice. We sat down with her to know her inspirations, aspirations and more.  Hello, please tell us a bit about yourself? Hi, I’m still buzzing over the fact that I’ve been given an opportunity to do this! Once again, hi, I’m Rezennenla, but I prefer going by Anen because I’ve heard enough variations of my name. I’m a 15-year-old teenager who grew up in a small town called Mokokchung and is a student of Jubilee Memorial School and I love singing. How did you get started into singing? Well first of all, I only started singing when my friend and I joked about forming a band but actually ended up forming an all girls band. Nothing that serious, just some small gigs here and there and some school programs. I never took my singing …


Meet Chef Moa – Owner of Dimsum Restaurant in Kohima

Nagaland is home to not only one of the most delectable cuisines in India but also amazing chefs who experiment with food. Today, we have one such master chef with us – Chef Moa from Kohima.  He recently opened his own eaterie called Dim Sum Restaurant. Serving different Asian cuisines, this place aims to give you food that is not only tasty but served well and easy on the pocket. Read to know his story and how he opened his restaurant. If you happen to be in Kohima, be sure to visit his lovely restaurant!  Hi Moa! Please introduce yourself. My name is Moa and I’m currently residing in Kohima. I studied hotel management from Dusit College, Bangkok. It is all due to God’s grace that I was able to complete my management course. I did my course of multi cuisine chef, especially western cuisine. Now, I have opened an eaterie in Kohima, by the name Dim Sum Restaurant. What inspired you to open a restaurant? Before coming back to Nagaland, I also had the …


#FACES | A Naga Girl Captured Carrying Timber

“My name is Talimoa Pongen and I work in a media house. I also love taking candid photographs, through which  I want to tell stories. I took this photo of  a little girl, helping her folks by carrying timber. She was taking two or three rounds, carrying the heavy logs to the destination. I just wanted to capture this beautiful moment. This photo was taken in Mokokchung at The Woods resort, where I was camping with my friends.” – Talimoa Pongen from Nagaland Follow Talimoa Pongen on Instagram


Bendang Walling – A Performing Artist, Director and Producer from Nagaland

For some, hobbies remain just hobbies, but Bendang Walling, from Nagaland, had a different calling! He took a leap of faith and decided to give life to his art and hobbies. Hardships and struggles didn’t stop him and today he is one of the refined performer, director and producers in Nagaland. He has directed a lot of plays, short films, conducted Theatre Workshops in other states as well. One of his short films, Blissful was also selected for International Film Festival 2016 at Dharamshala. We caught up with him to chat about his life and work!    Hi, glad to have you on board, please tell us a bit about yourself! Hello, my name is Bendang Walling, I live in Dimapur and I am 32-years-old. I started my career as a stage actor and now, I direct, produce and act as well. I would like to consider myself an artist, a dreamer and a visionary who breathes life to stories and folktales. After my graduation, I went to Delhi to pursue my Master in Dramatic …


#FACES | A Trip to Heunanbe Village In Peren With Vilivi Zhimomi and Her Sister

“My sister and I  have currently opened a store called Beautology located in Dimapur, where we provide facial therapy, Korean skin care products, clothing and accessories. We were invited to Heunanbe by a welcoming family for lunch. After lunch, we wanted to look around and explore. So we took a short trek to the family’s farm, which had a variety of organic vegetables, fruits and spices and not to mention the view! Our khangs (baskets) were almost too heavy to carry by the end of it. The rain thankfully stopped us from emptying the farm and we took shelter in a hut. It was quite an experience as we sat around the bonfire and munched on fruits, along with ‘garam chai’, dried ourselves while waiting for the rain to stop. I managed to bring a little piece of the farm to my backyard. Hopefully soon I will be able to boast to my friends about my little ‘pluck and cook all organic’ corner.” – Vilvi Zhimomi from Dimapur


Meet Chichan Tongtimen – A Student and A Singer from Dimapur

“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” ― Keith Richards For some, singing just comes naturally and flawlessly. Today, we have with us one such soulful singer, Chichan Tongtimen. Currently pursuing Physiotherapy from Delhi NCR, she also performs at various events and occasions. Born and brought up in Dimapur, Chichan’s passion for music grew with age and she hopes to continue pursuing her studies and music, simultaneously. We sat down with her to know her and her music a little better. Visit the link in bio or below to read!   Hey Chichan, tell us a bit about yourself! Hello, I’m Chichan Tongtimen and I’m from Dimapur. Currently, I’m 23 and pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from Faridabad and I love to sing. Singing has always been my passion, so whenever I get the time, I sing. It always makes me feel myself. I also used to play the piano before and I play Ukulele sometimes. For how …