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A Glimpse Of Life On Dal Lake, Srinagar With Tiarenla Jamir From Nagaland

“On a recent visit to Srinagar, I had the privilege of staying in a boat house at Dal Lake. We had to take a shikara from the main road to the boat house we were staying at. It was nestled among the other boat houses that we saw from the main road. It was simply perfect โ€” away from all the noise and crowd.

Below is a series of pictures and videos I captured during my stay.” ~ Tiarenla Jamir from Nagaland

1. Took a Shikara (a light, flat-bottomed boat) to our boat house

Shikara ride to the boat house

2. This was what the inside of the boat-house looked like

3. Reflection of the beautiful sky on Dal Lake

Reflection of the beautiful sky on Dal Lake

4. The lovely view from the boat house

5. Was in the mood for some kebab

6. Neighboring vegetable garden

7. You could even go for a hair cut or buy some handicrafts!

Hair cut place and handicrafts shops besides the Dal Lake

8. The 5 am vegetable market

9. A lady on the way to the market

A lady on the way to the market

10. Flowers anyone?

11. What waterways look like here

Alleyways at Dal Lake, Srinagar

12. Just having a casual chat on Dal lake

Local people chatting besides the dal lake

13. Do you want to send a letter? Oh! It’s just a shikara ride away. (Technically, you could access it from the main road but where’s the fun in that? )

The view of the Dal Lake and the town during sunset

14. Goodbye ‘Cherry Ripe’! Thank you Rashid for taking such good care of us and @vajrajourneys for organising this.


Cherry Ripe – House boat at Dal Lake, Srinagar


Tiarenla enjoying the boat ride at Dal Lake, Srinagar

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