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#FACES | “The Scene of the Local Boys Playing Against a Serene Backdrop Was a Surreal Moment For Me” – Saqlain Muran, Kashmir

“This photo was taken in Indian administered Kashmir, in a place called Harwan in Srinagar. The time was 6:30 pm. As I tried to capture the beautiful landscape of the mountains with the sunset in the background, I noticed a group of local boys playing volleyball. They were in a paddy field that was converted to a playground. The boys were very engrossed in their match and were thoroughly enjoying the game.

Little do they know how lucky they are to be away from the city noises. They are blessed to be in such a peaceful environment surrounded by such unmatched natural beauty. I thought about how Mother Nature never stops playing her role as she gives us the sweet voice of the birds and the leaves rustling in the breeze -all in perfect sync with the happy chatter of the boys. That whole scene felt so surreal .. I tried to capture that emotion I felt through this photograph . .”

The happy chatter of the boys against a breathtaking natural landscape felt so surreal and beautiful..” ~Saqlain Muran, Kashmir.


Local boys playing Volleyball in Harwan, Srinagar | Captured by Saqlain Muran

How often we notice our surroundings.

Little, these guys would have noticed, how lucky they were.
Where they have been playing.
I Could see how beautiful it was,
Hearing, their loud screams, 
The sound of birds, grasshoppers.
It felt like a rhythm, a beat,
Everything was in sync.

It was a surreal Moment for me.

Saqlain Muran (@saqlain_muran)

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