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Top 5 Things to Do if You are Travelling to Nagaland


So how much do you know about Nagaland? Well, let’s assume that you’ve heard just enough to be interested in planning a trip soon! That’s a good start.

Here is a brief guide on some of the local hot spots to give you a flavor of what to expect.


The picturesque scenery of Nagaland | Photo credits: Aden Jamir


If you are travelling to the northeast of India, allocate ample time to each state if you wish to explore them fully. Because the best way to soak in the beauty of this part of the country is through a road trip – where you can get a good view of the natural scenic beauty. The roads may be challenging at some spots, but definitely worth the ride. Advisable to take the aid of the locals or tour experts like IndiaTrail, who can custom design your trip, based on your preferences.


Young locals have recently taken keen interest in travelling to the villages and the open roads | Photo credits: Betoka Swu


To truly experience and understand the local life, we strongly recommend a stay in one of the villages. Pangti Village in Wokha might be a good choice. The Woods near the village is a haven for those who love angling(fishing). People usually come here and camp for days – fishing or just enjoying the scenic environment. Or if you’re a bird lover, visit the place during October and November. Every year the famous migratory bird, Amur Falcon flock to the region all the way from eastern Asia. It is a sight to witness as they hover around in large groups and often seen sitting on the wires – stretching to a Km in length.


Bird watching from the bamboo watch tower at PangtI Village | Photo courtesy : Iliangna

RootsandLeisure_Pangti Village

Enjoy the serenity of nature in beautiful Pangti Village | Photo Courtesy : John Monsang

Another very popular village is the Khonoma village, which is located around 20 Kms from Kohima. It is one of the oldest villages, and has a wide range of flora and fauna. There are around 45 varieties of orchids and 20 different types of bamboos. The scenery is further enhanced by the beautifully structured terraced fields. IndiaTrail organizes 5 days and 4 night stay in Khonoma village and provides a host of activities like short treks to nearby areas, evening sit downs with the village elders, photography etc.


Camping is another great option to explore the rustic life, that also serve as an excellent getaway – far from the noise of the bustling towns. A popular camping spot is the breathtaking Dzulakie, which is a two hour drive from Kohima. You will be totally enchanted with the scenic beauty, the freshest of air and the calm ripples of the flowing river.


The never ending stretch of Calm of Dzulekie valley

Do you remember Virie’s song ‘My Summer’? It was shot here in Dzulakie.



For the adventurous souls, we would definitely recommend a trek to Dzükou valley. It is heaven on earth – with a splendid view of the surrounding mountains, beautiful slopes, fresh brooks and streams. Also called the ‘Valley of Flowers’, best time to visit would be June to September, when the flowers are in full bloom. The locals have started exploring nearby trails for mountain biking, a sport which is picking up big time in Nagaland. There are other popular trekking locations like Mt Japfu and Pulie Badze. IndiaTrail covers a full week of trekking to all these locations.

RootsandLeisure_Dzukou Valley

The mesmerizing Dzükou Valley | Photo Courtesy : John Monsang

For a piece of heaven like the Dzükou valley, a picture is not enough. So watch this lovely video by mountain biker Rongsen Jamir.


How can you miss out on the adventures of tasting the local cuisine. So a visit to the super market is a must. You get to see a host of fresh vegetables, meat items and some interesting local food items like the silkworm, bamboo shoot and vinegar, Naga mircha, and even some exotic edible insects. You can also try your hands at cooking with IndiaTrail’s culinary tour program.

So when are you finally making that trip to Nagaland?


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