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“At the Age of 13, I Debuted my First Fashion Show” 20-Year-Old Fashion Student Khrielasier Liezietsu from Nagaland

Meet  20-year-old fashion student and budding designer, Khrielasier Liezietsu comes from a breed of designers that are not made in design institutes or fashion houses. They are born with fire. Although he has just joined NIFT Delhi to pursue his passion, Khrielasier, at a very young age has already produced eight collections and participated in more than 30 fashion shows. We spoke with Liezietsu to find out more about his humble beginnings and sky-high ambitions. this  content

Born and brought up in Kohima, Nagaland, Khrielasier Liezietsu is currently pursuing a degree in Fashion Design from NIFT, Delhi.

Khrielashier Liezietsu – Fashion Designer and Student at NIFT, New Delhi.

  • R&L: When did you realize you wanted to be a fashion designer? 

Khrielashier: I grew up very close to my mother and was constantly in her company. I used to watch her sew clothes for hours together. Slowly, my natural instincts told me to try my hands at the sewing machine. My mom was quick to notice my keen interest and encouraged me to start sewing clothes. I started sewing at the tender age of six and I never stopped loving it.

Khrielashier’s mom has been a source of inspiration for him and is always there to lend a helping hand.

Khrielashier’s mom has been a source of inspiration

  • R&L: How old were you when you did your first public show? And how did that come by?

Khrielashier: At the age of 13, I debuted my first fashion show with other fashion students, and from then on, I took my craft more seriously. I started sewing clothes with my own designs and even convinced girls from my school to try them on. With their agreement, I directed various photo shoots at scenic locations.

“I used to take all the pictures with my mobile phone and upload them to Facebook. Slowly, my number of followers began growing organically as more people started sharing and reposting my pictures on various groups and pages. This was when my work caught the attention of the media, and newspapers, magazines, and TV shows began approaching me. Professional photographers, hair and makeup artists, models, buyers, and investors started reaching out to collaborate with me, and each offer took me to a whole new level.”


Taking his designs from paper to the streets | Khrielashier’s designs.

  • R&L: Where do you draw your inspiration from? How do you describe your style?

Khrielashier: I’d like to think my work has an artistic style and my fashion is avant-garde. I draw a lot of my inspiration from dramatic paintings, loud color mixes, and quirky people.

I look up to the works of Vivian Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Delpozo, and Manish Arora.

Creations of Fashion Designer Khrielasier Liezietsu from Nagaland


Khrielashier’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ collection.


Creations of Fashion Designer Khrielasier Liezietsu from Nagaland

  • R&L: How has your journey in the fashion industry been?

Khrielashier: I am grateful that I have been able to work with many talented artists in the country. I have had the opportunity to design for mega events like Mr. North East 2011, Get Gorgeous Model Hunt 2012, Naga Touch Fashion Show, and Hornbill Motor Rally Show 2012 and 2013.

“I also designed costumes for the official photoshoot for Miss Nagaland 2013. Apart from that, I’ve designed for artist Mengu Suokhrie – that dress that she rocked on the cover of her debut album. I have produced eight collections and worked on more than 30 fashion shows since I started out.”

Esther Natso – Miss Nagaland 2009, walking the ramp in Khrielasier Liezietsu’s design, as the show stopper for his SS16 collection show

Esther Natso – Miss Nagaland 2009, walking the ramp in Khrielasier Liezietsu’s design

  • R&L: How do you plan to continue to be inspired as a creator?

Khrielashier: I plan to take my design to the global stage and to inspire people to appreciate it enough – to see it (fashion) not just as a way to cover your body but as an art form, but as a serious art form.

The support system | Khrielashier with supermodel Leno Kense.Follow this young designer’s journey on Facebook and Instagram

Khrielashier with Model Leno Kense.

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