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Gugu Kuotsu, Owner of Gutouch Restaurant In Kohima, Gives You A Touch of Authentic Naga Dishes

I’Gu we offerThe Gutouch Cafe is a cute eaterie in Kohima Town with an aesthetic setting, adding to the ambiance of the restaurant. The place is famous for its ‘Galho‘ and has been the talk of the town for a while. We decided to have a little chat with the founder of the restaurant , Gugu Kuotsu to get more insight into her restaurant.


Gugu Koutsu, owner of Gutouch

  • Hello Gugu. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Gugu Kuotsu from Kohima. I am the founder of the Gutouch restaurant, I also have a jewelry brand by the same name –  that offers traditional and fusion-made jewelry.

  • What is the story behind ‘Gutouch’

Well, the name of the Cafe was suggested by my friends like Mengu Suokhrie, Onen Nenty, and Athe Rhi, since I already have a brand name Gutouch, a jewelry brand. In addition, my love for food – especially homemade Naga food pushed me to add a restaurant to my existing brand. I finally launched Gutouch – the restaurant in the September of 2018.


Gutouch with a hint of Christmas

  • Tell us the inspiration behind it?

The very specialty of the Gutouch cafe is the Galho which is served on wooden plates so as to add to the authentic feel of the Restaurant and the drinks such as Ginger ale, gooseberry, and wild apple juice homemade.



  • What’s the most special dish on your menu?

The most special item on my menu would be the Galho, which is a sort of porridge with a variety of meat portions. Local food items like the Galho, gooseberry tea, and wild apple Juice are usually made at home – and relished by the locals in Nagaland, but are rarely offered in restaurants. In Gutouch restaurant, these very items as served as specialty items, plus, they add a personal and traditional touch to our restaurant.

Check out their Instagram page too if you’re interested in seeing what kind of Jewelry they offer! 


Galho from Gutouch

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