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Explore Khaama Kethna – A Holistic Centre Nestled in the South Goan jungle

Panta Ferrao is a 61 one-year-old, local Goan entrepreneur, yoga enthusiast and spiritual practitioner from Mapusa, North Goa. He is the founder of Khaama Kethna, a well-being retreat centre in South Goa. He was a successful lawyer but gave it up to pour his passions into something that truly drove him and made him happy. We caught up with this lovely man and heard his story about how he founded Khaama Kethna. 

Meet Panta Ferrao

  • The journey so far

Panta Ferrao set out to create and demonstrate the possibility of living in harmony with nature and the Earth. This was his endeavor to create a new way to live and earn a living without compromising on his truth. He began by creating an eco-resort, focused on health and nature, in South Goa. 

This resort, Bhakti Kutir,  was built from sustainable materials and incorporated the local flora and fauna. It encourages wellness through yoga and healthy practices, including Ayurveda,  in a natural setting to inspire spiritual development. 

For the last two decades, he has been trying to engage and share his realizations through his lifestyle and offer creative spaces, facilities and opportunities that encourage spiritual development. Panto wanted to set an example to inspire others to strive to develop their own spiritual path /practise to reach a higher plane of consciousness.

After over 20 years of experience, gaining clarity and honing in on his beliefs and strengths he withdrew from Bhakti Kutir.

He then lived in the wilderness for two years right before beginning ‘Khaama Kethna’.

‘Khaama Kethna’ was conceived to manifest an evolving vision, to create a new world, where spiritual well-being is encouraged and given precedence — through the practice of total immersion and being one with nature and all its life forms. 

Green and Browns – colours of the earth

  • Tell us a little bit about your passion project.

‘Khaama Kethna’ is spread across 12 acres of secondary forest which is being constantly supported and replenished. Holistic practices and workshops are provided to the residents – such as meditation, yoga, healthy nutritious plant-based cuisine, creative expression workshops, retreats, naturopathy and nature experience. 

The structures such as tree houses and cabanas are distinctive and spread out to offer privacy. They are all also handcrafted using sustainable and recycled material, as much as is practically possible, and are incorporated into nature, causing as little damage as possible to the surroundings.

The holistic lifestyle practices and activities are made simple so that they can be lived and applied to everyday ordinary yet a fulfilling way of living. The objective is to support practitioners and to create a liberating experience for seekers to help them evolve into who they want to be. 

Unique experiences you could collect


  • What was the thought behind the centre’s name?

The name means a ‘work of love on the land’ — it is the creation of a new world of love and beauty.

  • Where is Khaama Kethna located?

Our property is located within the rural forested environs of Agonda, South Goa, a couple of kilometres from Agonda beach. 

a little bit of yoga to clear your mind and let positivity set in

  • How has your upbringing guided or influenced your work?

I was blessed by having the opportunity to grow up in nature and away from the indoctrination of a rigid school system until the age of 12. The inspiration and constant pull to the natural aspects of living came from my grandfather, who had a love for plants and trees as he used to mix herbs and prescribe natural medicine to those in need. Through this experience, I realised that life is to be enjoyed through the process of what one is doing. Practising as a lawyer also made me see that material gratification, the extreme stress, and competitiveness was not worth sacrificing my beautiful life for.

One of the homes at the centre

  • What are the learning curves you faced while running your holistic centre?

The biggest challenge was being off the grid and offering something unique. We faced this by communicating our vision clearly, that this is a place for spiritual development. The normal visitors to Goa expect entertainment and parties. These beautiful hinterlands are mainly appreciated by discerning nature lovers and conscious travellers. Trying to cater to more varied travellers takes some time. We try to overcome their demands and expectations of the services and amenities that are normally provided.

A simple yet filling meal made to please


  • How would you describe a traveller’s experience at your centre?

Our aim is to provide an experience of tranquility and a deeper connection with nature, which is normally not experienced by people living in a city. The combination of the natural environment, healthy and simple food, and physical and creative activities deliver the experience of “right living”. Simplicity and harmonious living brings about fulfillment and peace through the alignment and grounding of the body and being. 

We offer the opportunity to extend and surmount your limitations by creating a space that challenges any preconceived notions of living life.  We provide a chance to face and overcome the underlying fears you carry and connect to your true being.

To know more, watch the video below and check out their Instagram!

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