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Sweet Rush, A Cafe In Dimapur, Nagaland – The Perfect Place To Unwind And Have A Hearty Meal

The streets of Duncan Basti in Dimapur are sprawling with a variety of food joints – each of them bringing something new to the table. While exploring the place, we stumbled upon a quirky and cosy cafe, Sweet Rush, which instantly took our hearts away!

The cheery shop on the corner

The best time to head out to Duncan Basti is in the evenings when the streets are incredibly lively. There are two main streets that connect to Duncan, both of which are filled with a variety of intriguing restaurants, street food joints and comfy cafes. We were greeted with a wonderful weather, which is slowly getting cooler and all the more refreshing.

Cozy atmosphere and hearty food

Sweet Rush is located right opposite Fun Bowling. We got to try some delectable dishes and ice creams — they even sell homemade cookies! We truly recommend this eat-out to savour a good plate of shingju, relish a bowl of hot soup chow or simply sip on a cup of coffee. The options are endless. The cherry on the top is that all of this is quite reasonably priced, which means you can all you want without burning a whole in your pocket. 

Have you ever seen a tastier chicken chow?

A look into their tempting menu

Shingju to the rescue. Healing bad days one spoon at a time!

For a sneak peek of their atmosphere, follow them on Instagram!


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