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Explore Lachung, a Pristine Mountain Village in Sikkim

If you ever visit Sikkim, you may not want to miss out Lachung. Whether you want a soul-searching experience or an off-beat adventure, Lachung has got it all. If only words could do justice on this breathtaking clean village – be it trekking, strolling around, taking photographs or just sit back and relax with a cup of tea and book — simply immerse in the breathtaking views!ย 

An overview of the spectacular Lachung village in Sikkim


An overview of the spectacular Lachung village in Sikkim | Photo courtesy : timetravel_12


Lake in Lachung, one of the famous tourist spot | Photo courtesy : timetravel_12

When you’re there, do not forget to visit the famous Samten Choling monastery. This monastery is known to be one of the hot-spots for tourists seeking peace and quiet for decades. It is said that over a century ago, Lachung was a popular spot for spiritual practices. The Samten Choling monastery in Lachung dates back to 1850. As per Chinese astrology, it was built in the year of the metal dog and this holds much religious significance. Buddhist worshipers who visit the monastery are said to be blessed with happiness and inner prosperity after doing so.


Buddhist worshipers celebrating with music and dance at the Samten Choling Monastery | Photo courtesy : timetravel_12


The locals presenting cultural dance in full traditional attire | Photo courtesy : timetravel_12

In 1930, the monastery received many interesting additions such as a sculpture of Buddha, a sculpture of a Guru, a sculpture of Chenrezig, and Kangyur and Tengyur Texts. These were brought from Tibet in order to help spread Buddhism in the region. In 1983, the monastery was restored and transformed by the Lamas. As a result of this renovation, the monastery hosts all the major ceremonies in the region.


A local couple in traditional attire | Photo courtesy : timetravel_12

The mountains covered with snow and the lachung river semi-frozen over the drop of temperature | Photo courtesy : timetravel_12

So, if you ever get the chance to visit Sikkim, be sure to visit this famous Samten Choling monastery.


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