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This Self-Taught Dancer from Arunachal is Melting Our Hearts with Her Dance Moves | Meet Nemngai Mosang

Meet 22-year-old Nemngai Mosang from Arunachal, who is a passionate dancer, plays the guitar andย enjoys listening to K-pop. Don’t brush her off as just another dancer on Instagram – yet. The fact that is self-taught, working hard on her dreams – every day, manages to inspire us with her dance moves and fun-loving attitude, and brings together multiple cultures – the Northeastern and Korean cultures through her love for Korean music and dance moves is admirable. Also, she is a talent powerhouse (she plays the guitar too!) with tons of positivity!ย So let’s get to know her a little bit more ๐Ÿ™‚

This 22-year-old enthusiastic powerhouse of talent chats with R&L to talk about her dancing journey, her creative mantra and more.


Nemngai Mosang

  • Hi, would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Nemngai Mosang, 22-year-old self-taught dancer from Arunachal Pradesh. For me, dancing is everything; I just can’t expressย how much I love dancing! Dancing allows me to be completely myself and makes me happy.

Apart from dancing, I also like to play the guitar and love to cook whenever am not dancing. I am a recent graduate and currently pursuing a music course in Delhi.

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Nemngai Mosang and her friends
  • Since how long have you been dancing and what initially sparked your interest?

I started dancing from a very young age of 5. From then on, my interest in dancing started to grow and it is still growing. I used to take part in many small events and competitions – with my friends or as an individual dancer through which I got to experience new things. Though I am not a trained dancer, it makes me happy because I love what I do. I am also grateful to many people who keep encouraging me throughout my journey. They believe in me and keeps pushing me to continue dancing.

  • What is your creative mantra-like? From where do you get your inspirations?

I believe that if you work hard and focus on what you really want, anything is possible. In life, you have ups and downs but that should become the motivating factor for you to keep going. There are so many people who inspire me every day and whom I look up to. Also, my family members and close ones whom I cannot thank enough. And the people who keep telling me to never stop doing what I love. They inspire me in many ways.

“Believing in yourself, hard work and self- confidence is the key to growth. As I said earlier, I am not a trained dancer and I still lack creativity butย Iย wish to inspire to pursue their dreams in everything they do. And to never stop learning.”

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  • Any memorable performances that you’re proud of?

I participated in K-pop contest 2017 with my friends forming a group called Girl crush in Delhi. Though we didn’t win, it was one of my most memorable performances and I still cherish it to this day.

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Nemngai Mosang and friends at the K-Pop contest, Delhi

Nemngai Mosang and friends at the K-Pop contest, Delhi dancing to BTS “GO GO”

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Check our Nemngai’s dance moves as she practices her dance moves with Korean band B.A.P “Hands Up”





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