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Koko Yiese, Owner Of The Multi-Cuisine ‘Meet Up’ Cafe, Talks About Running A Restaurant & More

With new eateries opening each week in Nagaland, offering new delicious meals, The Meet Up is one such restaurant which serves authentic Korean and Chinese cuisines. The restaurant also lets you have fellowships, gatherings or prayer meetings free of cost. This makes the restaurant a special place not only to try their delicious food, but also for a good ol’ gathering!

We met up with Koko Yiese, the owner of the restaurant to have a little chat! Head to the link in bio or below to read the interview. 


Koko Yiese in Korea.

  • Hi Koko. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello. I am Koko Yiese, a 30 year old food enthusiast, and the founder of The Meet Up. I live in Kohima, Nagaland. Ever since I was in my early teens, I was very fond of cooking and learning new cuisines, but I never saw myself becoming a ‘foodpreneur’. However, the love for the art of cooking led me to Korea to learn about the Korean cuisines and I learned from home cooks about the basics of Korean food that are easily prepared with the ingredients available back home, and this subsequently paved the way for me to open up my very own restaurant.

  • When did you launch your restaurant?

The Meet Up was launched in 16th July 2019, and it serves both Korean and Chinese cuisines.


The Meet Up

  • Tell us about the inspiration behind the name The Meet Up.

Because ‘The Meet Up’ is located in the heart of Kohima, I named it such, and because I also wanted it to be the center where people can meet up and have a good time whilst having good food. Ever since the Korean culture became popular and people wanted a taste and experience a piece of Korea became demanding, I wanted to bring a little bit of Korea into our little hometown.


Guest enjoying some delicious food at the meet up.

  • What’s something special about The Meet Up?

The special thing about our restaurant is that it is open to anyone who wants to have fellowship gatherings or prayer meetings, required they inform us a day prior.


Life square bible school graduates prayer meeting and fellowship.

  • What do you guys serve? What’s the most special thing on your menu?

We serve around 30 Chinese dishes which is mostly popular among our people. As for the Korean dishes, they are a selected few since the ingredients are shipped from Korea and the ingredients are not easily available here. The most special and popular dish will have to be, hands down, ‘Miyeok Guk’ which is a seaweed soup. Popularly known as the birthday soup in Korea, it is consumed by mothers after childbirth as it contains high amounts of calcium, minerals, iron, and potassium which is very important for healing and nursing parents. This is why every Koreans have this soup in the morning of their birthdays to commemorate their mother.

We also serve Tteokbokki, which is a popular dish in Korea and is popular among the netizens.

To catch up on more dishes of the restaurant, visit their Instagram page and make sure to visit the ‘Meet up’ cafe in Kohima. You can check out address and menu details on our restaurant listing site HERE!


Tteokbokki, a popular Korean dish




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