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R&L Readers Share Their Highlights of 2019 and Hopes For 2020!

As the end of an arrives and the other begins, we tend to look back at our successes and failures, joys and sorrows. We set the agenda for the next one and reminisce the one gone by. For us at Roots & Leisure, 2019 has been an year of immense growth where we discovered a number of artists and interacted with people who inspire and create a positive community of changemakers.

To wrap up the year, we spoke to some of our readers who share how their year turned out to be and what they expect for 2020. We hope you enjoy the end of the decade with some good stories, a warm cup of coffee, and a lot of love! Tap on the link in bio or below to read.

  • Guse, Kohima (Currently in China) 

The moment 2019 began I was like that’s it, I quit. All jokes aside, my life and lifestyle is constantly changing. From 2017 moving to a new country trying to settle in, 2018 trying to get more connected to my books and subjects, and 2019 I moved to a different place, new apartment, new environment. It’s constant growth and gaining new experiences although sometimes I wished everything remained the same. But 2019 was also like, you’re scared of roller coasters? do it! one of my prouder moments
I’ve build relationships with new people and people I already knew and almost lost some of my closest people but was able gained it back and nothing could top that. What I’m most appreciative about this year is to be able to open up more and get closer to the people I already love! Truly blessed to be around not so many but, people that care and support and I wouldn’t be as strong without them. What I wish for 2020 is to be able to speak out more, be kinder, keep spreading good vibes and achieve my goals.


  • Temjen, Dimapur 

The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings-okakura kakuzo.
2019 has been a challenging year for me, both emotionally and spiritually, true soul searching. Since it was a year of challenges, 2019 impelled myself to ask questions that were long overdue and imperative for my mental health as well. I’ve found my true self and have let go of what was not right for me and have learnt to have faith in myself.
In a nutshell the year has been a tumultuous process of me navigating my way through the unpredictable and uncharted tides of life. While some led to rewarding situations others not so much. My wish for 2020 shall be to love generously, complete my yearly book reading list, to keep my mindset positive and focused. To embrace the uncertainty and allow it to lead me to places.

  • Himani, Jammu

2019 was like a bag full of mixed emotions, it was challenging – came with lot of new experiences, gave opportunities to figure myself out as an individual which then helped me grow little emotionally & mentally. It gave the space that’s needed in order to figure out options that you have in life.

2020, will definitely have the outcomes of the learning that I have had in the past year. I would personally want to improve things when it comes to taking care of health, building habits that are not too difficult to follow. Also, would want to build new creative skills & spend more time on executing things that are just been written on a paper as of now.


  • Sakhi, New Delhi 

2019 was definitely one of the most challenging and difficult years I have ever experienced. It taught me a lot of things about family, career, and myself. I took on one of the biggest projects, my dream project. I am trying to work hard to achieve it. 2019 shall also be the year when I started taking more control of my life by putting in the work and dreaming bigger than ever.

In 2020, I hope to work harder towards my dream. Get more disciplined and attract more love, happiness, and craziness in my life. Hoping to bring some positive changes into my life, personally and professionally.



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