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Pastry Chef & Owner of Whisk A Wish, Tanya Gupta Talks About Baking & Starting Her Own Business

Tanya Gupta, the founder of Whisk A Wish brings us a variety of delightful cakes, and desserts sure to make your palates happier, and your day a little better. 31 year old and based out of Delhi, she is a pastry chef with a passion for simple but delicious desserts that aim to rekindle some old memories or establish new ones. 

Making sure that her cakes and desserts are not just a bite of sugar, her desserts give you a taste of different spices and flavours as well. Let’s find out more about Tanya and her venture Whisk A Wish, as she chats with us. Tap on the link in bio or below. 


Tanya Gupta

  • Hi Tanya. Please tell us something about yourself.

Hi, I’m Tanya Gupta, 31 years old, from New Delhi. I am a pastry chef with a passion for simple but delicious desserts that aim to rekindle some old memories or establish new ones. I only found pastry 6 years back, before that I switched from studying history to getting into family business to getting a job as a content manager for a major food portal.

  • When did you launch Whisk A wish?

I worked as a home baker from 2013 to mid 2018, after which I set up a commercial kitchen in Sept of 2018.

  • What was the inspiration behind your brand name?

So, for me, naming my brand to reflect my style of baking, I rattled my brain for over a month cause I just wasn’t satisfied with a random name. I kept asking my friends and family for their approval on various names. A friend suggested I use the technique of alliteration to think of a name- where 2 words start with the same alphabet. Within a few minutes of hanging up the phone, suddenly the name Whisk A Wish clicked. I knew this is it! But most people discouraged me from using this name- reason being it was a bit of a tongue twister. While it is one, over the years I have been called a lot of funny things like Whiskey Wish, but I get a lot of compliments on the name.

“My inspiration is home style baking, which while not a big part of the culture when we were growing up, is still a comforting thought/memory. I wanted to bake desserts that the market lacked- for example my signature carrot cake.”


  • What is something special about Whiskawish?

My love for desserts that don’t rely on sugar alone for flavours is something that clients appreciate a lot. Gone are those days that people settled for over-sweet desserts. People now have evolved their palate to like/need desserts that are mildly sweetened and are packed with a lot of other natural flavours. Even something that is usually related to super sugary desserts like Brownies and Banoffee Pie is a delight to eat after it gets the whisk a wish treatment.


Brownie with cherry

  • How has your upbringing influenced elements of your cafe?

For us (me and my family) food has always been associated with memories and joy, sharing, sometimes jokingly fighting over. With my menu I aim to recreate similar joy. Comfort food, simple clean flavours and easy on the palate desserts. From comforting brownies to the best carrot cake in town, our menu features desserts that don’t have to wait for an occasion.

  • What do you guys serve? What’s the most special thing on your menu

Our signature carrot cake has been our top seller since we started. Its not like the usual carrot cakes- dry, dense and full of nuts. Its light, moist, mildly spiced. We also made it 50% whole wheat to make it healthier.

Whisk A Wish’s signature Carrot Cake.


Carrot Cake

Chocolate mousse and Lemon curd Choux.



Whoopie Pie.


Whoopie Pie



Chocolate dipped Madelines

Sourdough bread.


Sourdough bread

For more details, make sure to visit her Instagram and the Whiskawish website.




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