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Nourhevilie Khate | 25 Year Old Violist and Guitarist from Nagaland

25 year old Nourhevilie Khate from Nagaland plays the violin and guitar with equal skill and passion that it has not only won him several competitions but the young multi-talented musician is now doing his Master’s in Violin performance from the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London.


Photo | Nourhevilie Khate – Musician and Violist from Nagaland, performing on stage.

Nourhevillie was a winner of the David Menezes National violin competition in 2014 and judged as the best guitarist in the Rockville: battle of the bands at NIT-Nagaland’s annual cultural fest Ekarikthin 2015. He has also been a part of the India National Youth Orchestra, Canada-India Youth Orchestra, Indo-German Youth Orchestra, BSM Chamber Orchestra and Purple Fusion (A folk fusion band from Nagaland)

He has helped others like him follow their passion in music and taught music  at Symphony School of Music Kohima, Music Academy Kohima, Hope Centre for Excellence, Dimapur and Bangalore School of Music.


Photo | Nourhevilie Khate

  • Hi Nourhe, can you brief us a bit about your journey so far?

I am from Nagaland, India. I graduated with a bachelors degree in theology from SABC, Bangalore.  I am currently occupied with my Master’s course in violin performance. I started taking violin lessons when I was 8 years old and taught myself how to play the guitar when I was in the 8th standard. When I was three I’d use the dust-pan as a musical instrument, thudding it around. That’s when my mother got me a toy guitar and that’s how it all began.

  • What do you do full-time?

Music! That’s all I do and if I were given the opportunity to do something else, I would still choose music.

  • Where do you draw your inspiration from?

It’s hard to name one particular artist because there are many. Local artists like Nise Meruno, Alobo Naga and even people like Zubeno Mozhui (Director of Hope Centre for Excellence, Dimapur) & Mele Pucho (Director of Symphony Academy of Music, Kohima) have all inspired me because they’ve broken stereotypes and turned their dreams into reality. Their hard work inspires and motivates me.


Young Nourhevilie with his toy guitar.


Nourhe with his fellow musicians at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London.

Nourhevilie jamming on his guitar! How lovely?!

Sunday mood.

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  • What do you want to convey through the medium of music?

Music is such a wonderful gift from God. It is another form of expression and through my music, I want to spread peace, hope and love; and also lead people to find refuge in the one I find refuge in, Jesus Christ.

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