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Find Out Why Locals in Nagaland Love Trekking to “Pulie Badze” in Jotsoma Village, Kohima

Weekend is here and we recommend taking some time off  from the digital world, and escape into to the real world outside. Plan a mini trip to get away from your daily routine, noisy traffic, and social media. If you’re wondering where to go, we recommend visiting the much-hyped trekking hotspot in Kohima – “Pulie Badze.” This local hotspot in Nagaland is an excellent place to enjoy some peace and quiet while surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Read on to know more about this local hotspot in Nagaland.

Pulie Badze is located just a few kilometers away from Jotsoma village in the Kohima district (approximately 10 km from Kohima). The area is known for its legendary story, as well as its stunning elevated location, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery. The trek to the hilltop is also pleasant, making for a blissful outing for visitors who come to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

rootsandleisure_pulie badze

Pulie Badze, Jotsoma Village Kohima

Legend has it that Pulie Badze is named after a brave farmer named ‘Pulie,’ who died while attempting to kill a serpent that was destroying his crops. The serpent swallowed Pulie, and he became a spirit. When Pulie’s family went looking for him, they could hear only his voice. Later, they discovered what had happened and placed a stone in the shape of a chair in the field, telling Pulie to “be seated.” This is how the place got its name, which roughly translates to “seat of Pulie.”

“Pulie Badze” in Nagaland is a popular picnic spot among locals, who often trek to the site with picnic baskets to enjoy a day out with friends and family.

rootsandleisure_pulie badze

Resting place at Pulie Badze, Jotsoma Village Kohima

Visitors trek all the way to the hilltop, to get a scenic view of the surrounding areas – including parts of Mt.Japfu (second highest peak in Nagaland) and panoramic view of Kohima town.

rootsandleisure_pulie badze

Young boys and girls at the hilltop of Pulie Badze, Jotsoma Village Kohima

Aside from its hilltop view, Pulie Badze is also a popular spot for trekking. The trek takes a couple of hours to complete and is enjoyed by many. If hiking is not your thing, you can still reach the top by vehicle and climb a few steps.


Trekking to Pulie Badze, Jotsoma Village Kohima

Pulie Badze is a popular spot among young people who come to enjoy the stunning views and spend quality time with their friends. The area is also known for its lush flora and fauna, particularly the Rhododendron trees, which can be found towards the top of the hill. These trees are easily recognizable by their lush leaves and beautiful red blooms.

The route to Pulie Badze, located in Jotsoma Village, Kohima, is adorned with the beauty of Rhododendron trees. These trees add to the scenic beauty of the trek to the hilltop and make the journey even more enjoyable for visitors.


Rhododendron trees beautify the route to Pulie Badze, Jotsoma Village Kohima

Let us know if you happen to visit and tell us about your experience too!


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