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Young Fashionable Folks Share What’s Trending in the Local Fashion Scene in Nagaland

If you ask the people in Nagaland to pick which one is more important – feeling good versus looking good, very likely that the responses will be equally divided for both for most folks. Reflecting the general attitude towards dressing up  – with an added premium to personal style and comfort, you will see a variety of trends and trendy painting the outdoors and indoors of Nagaland.

We wanted to take you guys into the streets of Nagaland to give a quick glimpse into the local fashion scene, so our contributor reached out to seven of her friends to give us an insight into what they are wearing, and what’s trending in their neighborhood. 

Arenzung, 28 from Dimapur looking chic and summer-ready with a classic white button-down shirt, beige cotton skirt, and comfy flats. Her statement accessories and tote bag in matching colors compliments her look to the T. Tote bags are hot items in Nagaland this season, so get yourself one too! Shop Here


Photo: Arenzung

“Thanks to social media, fashion inspiration to actually wearing the latest trends is almost instant; what we see in magazines, TV or internet takes no time to reach the streets of Dimapur.

My everyday wear is fitted/tailored pants, comfy and functional separates. I believe in minimalism and like to keep it simple and add accessories. I’ll also choose flats over heels any day.

Tongpang Walling, 28 from Dimapur looking fresh and dapper – with a printed shirt and black cigarette pants with a pop of art in his colorful socks. He finishes off with a slick combed-back hairdo and oversized glasses.


Photo: Tongpang


“I think the most popular and obvious trend in local fashion scene would be the “comfort and trendy” combo.

For me, I like to wear simple outfits – with mostly basic items like a tee, shirt and simple tailored/chino pants. I do love a nice shirt with some prints and pleasant colors, it makes me feel fresh and good. I’ll always choose comfort over trends any day.”

Benthunglo Patton is going boho-chic this summer by incorporating Indian ethnic items to her closet. Check out her night-out outfit with a comfortable tee and harem-style bottoms combo. Her golden strappy sandals and sling bag adds the right amount of bling to help her make a bold fashion statement.


Photo: Benthunglo

“Sneakers and trainers, I must say have pretty much transcended trend territory currently in Nagaland. I have seen many who pair sneakers with endless outfit combos such as summer dresses (maxi and medi), shorts, jeans, cropped trousers, wide legged trousers etc which looks super cool and chic.

My closet has a lot of basic items that are fun, chic and comfortable. I like wearing outfits that are subtle and bold all at once. Though I usually go for loose trousers/skirts with fitted tops and accessories, this summer, however, I am experimenting with Indian ethnic wear, giving a boho twist to my everyday outfits. Wearing whatever makes me confident and happy and a healthy dose of positive thoughts is my daily mantra.”

Iuli Yeptho channeling the rock star persona that she is (she sings in a band “Trance Effect”), she looks stage-ready with a gorgeous mustard slit dress and white sneakers. Her golden curls paired with oversized glasses and on-trend fanny bag are hard to beat.


Photo: Iuli Yeptho

“People out here are pretty bold when it comes to fashion choices; they love experimenting with their looks – be it casual or formal. They have a knack for mix-and-match to create unique personal styles. I’d say that Naga people are rather unbeatable in fashion – and deserving of being called trendsetters.What do you think? And streetwear fashion is where most people here nails it.”

Asenla Pongen, a student from Dimapur keeps her everyday look simple yet sufficiently trendy with fitted jeans and sneakers. Her tote bags and short hair completes her young and sassy look. Tote bags are trending big time in Nagaland, and it’s about time you get yourself some artsy handmade totes. Shop HereRootsandleisure_fashion

Photo: Asen

“I don’t keep much track of trends happening around the world which is why my style can best be described as comfy, casual and fun. I see most people out here opt for comfortable and casual outfits to beat the summer heat but they do it in much omph and style. I also see a lot of ruffles trending these days here in Nagaland.”

Sungjemlila looking effortlessly trendy with a basic white top and a grey dress on top. Talk about being summer appropriate and fashionable, we think she nails the look! 10/10 for her minimalist look perfectly done with thin silver hoops and white sneakers.


Photo: Sungjemlilla

“I can’t really pin point a particular style that is trending right now in Nagaland, but to me fashion is about expressing individuality and creativity. So if you wear anything with confidence, it just makes everything trendy 🙂 “

Tono Yeptho, 19, a student from Dimapur is taking personal style to the roots by accessorizing his basic shirt with black trousers combo with a traditional Naga stole. He nails his summer wardrobe with a neat crew cut hairdo and fitted short-sleeved shirt. Copy his look by accessorizing with a Naga traditional necklace over your everyday outfits. Shop Here


Photo: Tono

“I think “Freestyle” is the word that best describes the popular trend here in Nagaland. Everyone’s basically doing their own thing, so you see a wide variety of trends walking the streets in Nagaland. Nagas are blessed with an innate eye for good fashion taste and even more blessed, because they can pull off anything with ease.

For my everyday wear, I usually just pick randomly from my wardrobe apart from my college uniform. I’m all about basics and a dark or light colored denim, a good black or white tee and a dark colored pair of sneakers is my go-to choice for a regular outing. I try not to overdo my look, hence, “less is more” is my style philosophy.”

What are your thoughts on these local fashion trends from Nagaland? How’s the fashion scene in your local town/city? Write to us at to contribute or fill the form below!


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