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#RECIPE | Axone With Smoked Pork and Perilla by Avi Rochill

Festive season is just about to kick in and preparing a delicious meal is almost every household’s ritual! Today we have a delicious axone recipe with smoked pork and perilla by Avi Rochill.
This recipe uses a traditional Naga ingredient to create a sumptuous meal that’s ideal for when you want to treat yourself or even when you have guests over!

Ingredients :

4 medium sized smoked pork

(500 grams)

1/2 or 1 full slab of axone (depending on how thick you want the curry to be)

10 to 15 pieces of local green chillies

1 large juicy red tomato

15 pieces of sichuan pepper (roasted and pounded)

Perilla seeds (40mg- roasted and pounded)

Salt to taste





 1. In thick bottomed pot, add all the ingredients together except for the perilla seeds. Add just enough water to cover the meat and slow cook in a medium flame.

2. Add the pounded perilla seeds once the meat is half cooked ( around 15 mins approx).

3. Keep adding water in small quantities until the meat is well cooked and bring the gravy down to a thick consistency.

Axone with smoked pork and perilla

You’re done! Do tell us how you liked the recipe.



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