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Meet Satish Elangbam, the Owner of Fika Kitchen & Studio in Imphal

Fika in Swedish means the act of drinking coffee and having a cheerful time with friends. Satish Elangbam chose to name his new cafe after Fika situated in Imphal. A cosy little corner away from the hustle-bustle of the city, Fika is inspired by Satish’s vision of creating a space that offered live music, amazing views and great food. 

We met him to talk about his journey of opening the cafe, what inspired him and his future goals.  

  • Hey Satish, tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello, thanks for having me. I am Satish Elangbam from Imphal. I have
completed my Bachelor’s degree and Sound Engineering diploma course from Bangalore. I also worked as a sound engineer in Bangalore for few months. However, I decided to leave the city and came back to Imphal in 2017 and started my own venture. Now  I am running  a cafe in Imphal known as Fika Kitchen & Studio.

Satish Elangbam

  • Tell us about the cafe and what inspired you to open it?

Fika is a Swedish word which means drinking coffee, eating sweets, chatting with friends and much more. The cafe ambiance is all about people who like to spend time on their laptop, read books, have some strong cup of coffee and just watch the stunning view outside the Cafe. We also host weekend gigs. We have a tiny platform in the cafe and we host gigs with amateur artists as well as professionals. After graduating college, I wanted to do something of my own. Few years later, while working as a sound engineer in Bangalore, I decided to start a venture which is related to arts and music. So, the following year I came home and started a Live Music cafe in my hometown.
  • What makes Fika stand out from the rest?

Fika is located 7-8 kms away from the Imphal city. So, for people who like to take a short ride and love to spend time with their friends and family, it be the perfect place for them. Our cafe is located just opposite to ‘Imphal International Airport’, so, we have a clear view of Airport runway from the cafe which is another stunning point! And lastly, we serve one of the best Coorg strong coffee in the town.

Airport runway view from inside Fika kitchen & studio


  • How do you think your roots have influenced you in this journey?

Growing up, I always loved listening to music and started playing instruments. I always had a clear idea that I wanted to do something with music. So, I started my first project, Fika, where there’s both food and live music involved. People can just come and have a  chill time enjoying music. I am also excited for my next venture of promoting coffees, teas and spices under my brand label. All these items will be from our friend’s estate situated in Coorg.

Live performance at Fika kitchen & studio


Coorg grown coffee at Fika kitchen & studio

  • What do you hope that people take away from your cafe?

People usually visit here to enjoy our coffee, outside views, live music gigs in the weekend. We really hope that they are satisfied with our food, friendly staff and services.

Interiors at Fika Kitchen & Studio


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