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Catching Up with Biak Hauzel | Wedding Photographer from Manipur

Earlier, it was not everyday that we stumbled across accomplished people often who followed their passions over 9 to 5 professions and achieved greater heights in the same. But today, the scenario is completely different, as we see more and more people opting out to make off-beat career choices over regular jobs. It is all the more surprising to know that they had no prior intentions, ambitions or whatsoever to take up their current choices and had only landed there by pure accident.

We caught up with one such individual from Manipur, Biak Hauzel, who took up wedding photography as his career choice years back and has been creating a rage ever since!


Photo | Biak Hauzel – Wedding Photographer from Manipur.

  • Hi Biak! Tell us a little about yourself.

I was born and raised in Imphal, Manipur. I finished my high school and then moved on to pursue my BA at the St. Joseph’s College of Arts and Science in Bangalore. To be honest, it’s been only 3 years since I’ve taken up wedding and event photography for a full-time profession and I never thought even in my wildest dreams I would ever get into any type of Photography, let alone wedding photography. It was a completely accidental career choice.


Wedding Photography by Biak Hauzel


Wedding Photography by Biak Hauzel.

  • When did you start taking pictures? How was it like?

I was always interested in arts and craft since I was a kid and absolutely loved to draw a lot even though I wasn’t very good at it. Honestly, photography happened to me out of boredom. I played a lot around with my old 7 megapixel Sony Cybershot camera during my college days. I shot countless pictures of insects, flowers and inanimate objects (which I believe is some sort of journey every so-called photographer has gone through) and used to carry the camera everywhere to college and any social event possible.

I also watch a lot of photography tutorials on Youtube and the Creativelive website. Since the quality of the pictures on my cybershot wasn’t that impressive, I tried my best to shoot the subjects in different and interesting angles (which is a habit which I still do today when I’m out shooting). I would upload the pictures on Facebook (this was back in 2010) and would eventually catch the attention of my uncle back home. He saw how interested I was in photography and decided to buy me a DSLR. A lot has changed in my life since then.

  • What has been your source of inspiration?

A lot of people inspire me. It is not just the wedding photographers, anyone in any field who has the courage and zeal to go after their dreams and work harder to achieve their goals. They have always inspired and motivated me to strive to be better professionally and also as a human being.

  • We see you have a very good hand at wedding photography. What makes it stand apart?

Wedding photography is special to me because of some absolutely cliche and cheesy reasons like its a once in a lifetime event, all weddings are memorable, unique story about two souls coming together etc. But to me its more than that. I am a very quiet and introvert person by nature so I find it difficult to interact and socialize with people. A wedding photographer is demanded to be the exact opposite of it. They need to be interactive and should know how to connect with their clients. So, wedding and event photography forces me to break out of my bubble and face my own demon.

I feel this has helped me grow to be a better photographer and also a better human being all together.


  • What does your wedding photography package include? What is your price range?

I offer two packages – Photography and Videography.The photography package includes full coverage of the wedding and a post-wedding Photoshoot. A pre-wedding photo shoot is also an option. The finished post-processed photos are either given on a DVD disc or a pen drive. A high-quality Photobook (50-80 pages) is also included. The Videography package includes full coverage of the wedding and a small Teaser trailer video which usually last around 3-5 minutes. The finished product is given in a Pen drive in Full HD format. I keep my Prices a bit confidential, so interested individuals are free to contact me anytime for inquiries. I also provide wedding videography services or wedding films as most people call it these days. Wedding films are also becoming more and more popular and with the fast growing technology, I am able to provide high-quality videos which can impact the clients as much as photos.

  • Do you travel around often for photography projects?

Yes, I was fortunate enough to cover different kinds of weddings all over Northeast, North and South India, From Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and even Jharkhand.

Connect with Biak for any wedding project related enquiries here!


Wedding Photography by Biak Hauzel.


Wedding Photography by Biak Hauzel.

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