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Land of Mystical Tales, History and Folklore | Longsa Village, Nagaland

For the lover of ancient culture, tradition, digger of history and folktales in you!


Longsa Village, Nagaland | Photo credits – Let me Show You My World

Longsa – a picture postcard village, someย 29 kms away from Mokokchung town, is hugely popular for its deep rooted cultures and traditions, shrouded with myths and mysteries, echoing rich poetry of the time millennium folklores. Definitely a place that you need to visit once in your lifetime, if you still miss your grandma’s fantasy stories!

Lovely natives, stories of the village and of course, its beauty, are some of the key highlights of this place. It was recognized as a Green village in 2006 and is the only Ao village on the other side of Dikhu river.

By any chance, if you happen to be a huge historical buff then this might be the place for you to escape to.


Longsa Village | Photo credits – Let Me Show You My World.

Visit the Koralong stone that sits at an altitude of 1521 m above sea level, about two kms awayย from Longsa village. On a clear morning, you can see the Himalayan mountain ranges from here. A sight to behold.

Awatsu is a mystical pond that has a tale to tell. It is said that an ogress who devours children used to dwell here during ancient times.ย  Sounds quite interesting, right? The pond still exists to this day and is one of the favourites amongst tourists to just sit by and relax.

And if it is trekking and hiking that you seek, then you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Dikhu green zone, a protected area is the place that you also need to visit. It is an ideal place for bird watching. It is accessible both by foot and vehicles with a distance of 14 kms away from Longsa.

Other attractions include the Tsungremong Festival – a celebration during August that revives and celebrates art, songs, culture and the good old traditions, the oldest church in Asia, watch towers for a brilliant bird eye view of the village, Longsalong – getaway to afterlife and more!


Awatsu | Photo credits – Let Me Show You My World.



Stones at Longsalong | Photo credits – Let Me Show You My World.


Koralong | Photo credits – Let Me Show You My World


Watch Towerย | Photo credits – Let Me Show You My World.

Wondering if you would have good options in case you are willing to stay the night or two? You got it too!

Our sources say that the village has a comfy tourist lodge located at the heart of the village and another about 2 kms away overlooking the village, home-stay; mouth watering local cuisines are perhaps some of the factors that keeps dragging back international tourists from around the world.


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