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Faces | ‘Memories of My Childhood Home in Nagaland’ by Elika Awomi

“This is a bird’s eye view of the house I grew up in Kohima, Nagaland. Just looking at this picture brings back a flood ofย beautiful childhood memories . . . of Stealing Unripe Fruits (especially peaches and plums), Tree Swings, playing outside with friends in the backyard over our Mini Kitchen, Garden Camping, Christmas and New Year’s Eve bon fires, Doll Houses, basking in the winter sunย 
and so much more!ย 

I also fondly remember the days when we would gather in the front porch playing Five Stonesย or Carom during the rainy season. On Sundays after church or Sunday school, theย outside area would be packed with us kids playing Seven Stones, Hide and Seekย  . . . reliving these moments makes me feel like a happy kid ๐Ÿ™‚ย ” ~ Elika Awomi, Food lover and Jewelry maker


Photo : Bird’s Eye View of Elika’s Childhood Home in Nagaland

Elika Awomi

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