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Menule Chirhah, Founder of Mini Explorer, Is Helping People Find The Best Places To Eat In Kohima

Meet Menule Chirhah, an avid and adventurous gastronome. Currently pursuing her master’s degree in English Literature, she’s transformed her love for food into Mini Explorer, where she’s helping people discover restaurants and new dishes in Kohima.

She’s always been a foodie and has a knack for finding the perfect spot for different types of cuisines. Inspired by this, she took it upon herself to discover, review, and share her discoveries with people.ย 


Owner of Mini Explorer Menule Chirhah

  • Greetings Menule Chirhah! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Menule Chirhah, and I’d like to call myself a food enthusiast. I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree in English Literature but when I’m not studying, I like to live life vigorously. I also like exploring, be it food, places, or new experiences. I believe life has a lot to offer and I’m excited about what’s waiting on the other side.

  • What is your key inspirations behind Mini Explorer?

As a foodie, I loved visiting new restaurants and trying out new items on the menu. Since my friends know this fact about me, I’d always be on their speed dial when they’re having dilemmas about ‘Where do I eat?’ question. This is when I thought what better way to also try and help other foodies who face the exact same problem! Ergo, here’s when my idea of the page ‘Mini Explorer’ formulated.

I am a foodie and I love visiting new restaurants and trying out new items on the menu. My friends know that about me, and so I’d be on their speed dial when they’re having a dilemma, whilst facing the age old ‘Where do I eat?’

  • How did you go about designing your menu?

I wanted to help people get away with the fear of trying new things on the menu since I also faced this problem back then. I would always go for the same item and complain that there aren’t enough new restaurants in town. Once I started trying new items on the menu, my perspective changed. My aim is also to lead people to affordable good food. In that same sense, I wanted to give exposure to the restaurants here in Nagaland. Trying to do my bit in giving back to the restaurants who deserve recognition and admiration all the while.

  • What is the impact of Mini Explorer on your followers?

I’m hoping my followers would get to try out new delicious meals. After all, we all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while. At the same time, I’m hoping to acknowledge the efforts of our fellow chefs and entrepreneurs here who provide us with their services and are taking the world ‘one meal at a time’.

“I’m hoping my viewers would get to try out new delicious meals. We all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while.”

  • What is your favourite food?

I don’t have one, I have several! Some of my favourite dishes to order would be:
*The Royal Sandwich from The Juice Bar- This Sandwich will keep you wanting more, with cheese oozing out from the sandwich! Nothing beats that.


Royal Sandwich -The Juice Bar

*Honey Chilli Potato from Amaris – the honey and chilli here blend perfectly with the potatoes!


Honey Chilli Potato – Amaris

*Chicken Chilli Pizza from Bigbite – the best pizza in town! The thin crust, the cheese filling, with the kick of the chilli, leaves us wanting more!


Chicken Chilli Pizza from Bigbite

And *Coffee from Ozone – Perfect mug of coffee for people who don’t enjoy strong coffee. The creamy taste of the coffee is a winner!


Coffee from Ozone

All the above-mentioned restaurants are located in Kohima.

  • Any message for the dear readers?ย 

I encourage the readers and foodies out there to try new things on the menu. Especially when it comes to food, go and explore. Also, to the people who believed and supported me, thanks for helping me make it big!

Follow Menule on Instagram. For inquiries, get in touch HERE!


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