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Meet Nzanmongi Odyuo, a Talented Musician and a Music Instructor from Nagaland

There is no doubt that Nagaland is a hub for talented musicians. Music thrives in this beautiful place like no where else. Today, we have another gem from here — Nzanmongi Odyuo, a musician from Nagaland!

She is a pianist who has been playing the piano her whole life. We chatted with her to know more about her music, her inspirations and more.

  • Hello, please tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi, my name is Nzanmongi Odyuo. I’ve been a piano instructor for almost 8 years and counting. I’ve been performing at various events, weddings and play the piano for our home church. I’ve also performed with various artists and bands in Delhi as well as in Nagaland.

I am Currently teaching at TIME. Since childhood I was very interested in music and learnt piano from a very young age, and after my formal education, I went to Delhi to pursue music. I’ve also taught in music schools in Delhi, before I finally decided to return home.


Nzanmongi Odyuo

  • Sounds lovely! What got you into music?

I don’t know if ‘into’ is a strong enough word but music has always been my passion, my hobby and a career. I see no other option for myself other than this and that’s a choice I made.

Nzanmongi Odyuo

  • What’s your creative and work philosophy?

As an educator, I think students should be given the freedom to be themselves, where there is enough room for them to grow. They should be free to make mistakes as well. This way students can learn and to find ways to access and express their creative potential.

  • Where do you take inspiration from?

I take inspiration by listening to a Japanese composer and musical director, Joe Hisaishi. His music explores and incorporates different genres, including European classical, experimental electronic and Japanese classical. Princess Mononoke is one of my favorite pieces!



  • What do you hope people take away from your music?

Music allows me to relate and find comfort and express. Hopefully, the listeners do the same while listening to my music!

  • Do you have any message for aspiring musician?

Be gentle, humble, listen and be flexible. Appreciate your audience and be free. Lastly, don’t be the one who knows, but be the one who wants to know.

Nzanmongi Odyuo on the keyboard playing for Tiayin and Thunglamo

Thank you so much Nzan, we wish you a bright future!


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