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Of Rustic Delight and Living | Zünheboto in Nagaland

Imagine this. A rustic hillside town nestled within lush hills, with views of spectacular sunrises every morning, blue skies and clouds nestled between hills all day, and vibrant hues of sunsets to end the evening. Lush green forests, freshwater streams and rivers in almost every direction; sounds like a nature lovers dream come true right?

And if you’re someone, looking for such experience, then we just might have the perfect place for you.


Photo | Zunheboto in Nagaland.


Photo | Neighbouring village in Zunheboto.

Let’s take you on a journey to the mighty land of warriors- Zünheboto, which also means “hilltops of Zünhebo”. The name of the town comes from ‘Zünhebo’ flower, which abounds plenty in the area. The town is nestled around some beautiful villages, which offers a treat to your eyes as you get to witness interesting attractions cornered all around. Definitely a place to get you exhilarated and makes you wonder why haven’t you visited this place earlier? But better late than never, right?


Zunhebo Flowers.

So, how about a visit to the Ghosu Bird Sanctuary as a startup activity? Here, every dawn break, all kinds of rare birds, migratory and local flocks to a stream to Ghosu to drink. Such a delight for bird watchers and aficionados. The sight of thousands of varied birds descending and flocking to a small stream, chirping away against the backdrop of beautiful reserved landscape is just mesmerizing. The sanctuary is situated just 5 kilometres away fromZünheboto, so to urists can accommodate themselves in one of the guesthouse in the town.

You can also go fishing in any of the fresh streams around the town. East or West, the nearest stream will be 5-7 kilometres away. Tizü is a famous river out here and the locals believe that the fishes caught from this river are the tastiest. A picnic by the stream sounds fun! Also, don’t forget to take a tour of the nearest village.

And yes, when in town, you wouldn’t want to miss out witnessing the largest Baptist Church in Asia that was recently inaugurated. And if that is not enough, go visit the Sümi Martyrs’ Park at Sukhalu, 5kms away from the town. And if it’s beautiful sunrise and set that you seek, then  Zünheboto has many vantage points, where one can watch the sun rise in the morning, and from the exact place, watch the sun go down in the evening too.

The road to Zünheboto can be challenging and dusty but if you are a traveller then you have been there, done that.


Bird sighting at the Ghosu Bird Sanctuary, Zunheboto.


Locals fishing at Tizü River, Zunheboto.


Baptist Church, Zunheboto.


Photo | Zunheboto, Nagaland.


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