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Travelling to Wokha and Staying At The Hammock Resort in Nagaland

If you’ve ever imagined a place that befits Thomas Hardy’s book, ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’, the Hammock Resort presents you that image with its natural setting!

Nestled cozily below the looming mountainous range, capped off by Mt. Tiyi, the resort is an escape from the buzzing beehive of a town, that Wokha is steadily developing into. In the ‘Land of Plenty’, the resort provides an ideal retreat for tourists and locals alike, seeking to connect with nature. Greenery interspersed with rivulets all around, the place is capable of transporting one on a flight of poetry.


Photo | Hammock Resort – Wokha.


Photo | Hammock Resort – Wokha

Besides offering a much greener retreat, the resort offers varied continental cuisines along with the popular ‘bamboo shoot’ dishes that Lotha people are well known for. The place is ideal for romantic getaways as well as family picnics. It also caters to adventure lovers as trekking facilities are available at the resort. The ancient Naga Kitchen definitely adds a traditional essence to the place, keeping up with the culture.

Walking into the hotel backyard, we encountered a serene environment with few neat gazebos, a park, fish ponds, a coffee kiosk with flowers in bloom. It is the perfect spot to relax with a cup of coffee, your favorite book and enjoy the nature with tranquility.


Hotel’s backyard with pond and garden | Photo courtesy – Wapangla Imchen


The coffee house | Hammock resort, Wokha.


Hammock Resort – Wokha | Photo courtesy – Wapangla Imchen

In case, you are looking forward to spend a night or two, they have got quite good accommodation arrangements set up. All rooms are provided with a television, comfortable beds and basic necessities like an electric flask for those that need their tea/caffeine dosage regularly.


Accommodation at Hammock Resort.


A Naga traditional hut for picnic setting | Hammock Resort.

So if you end up in Wokha anytime sooner or later, the Hammock Resort Hotel is your answer for a good escape, adventure and decent accommodation!


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