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“The Fact That We Were All Rebels Brought Us Together Through Punk Music” | A Chat With Indie Punk Rocker Girls From Delhi & Arunachal – The Vinyl Records!

Today we have some refreshing guests with us. Presenting  ‘The Vinyl Records’ – a powerful, post-punk rock girl band from Delhi. Comprising of four fierce and bold women from Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, they share a common love for post-punk rock, and are here to make some great music with a dash of glam rock.

The Vinyl Records’ have been playing across the country since their inception in 2011. TVR has also performed at large scale music festivals such like NH7 weekenderZiro Festival of Music and Puma loves Vinyl, proving that girls indeed can rock as hard as the boys! The lovely ladies chat with R&L to share more about themselves, and their music.

Here’s a fun chat with the members of Indie Post-Punk band “The Vinyl Records” from Delhi. This all girl band from Arunachal Pradesh and Assam share some interesting tit-bits about their band, their music and more. Read on to know more about them, what ticks their boxes and all the things that inspire these rockstars.


The Vinyl Records (L-R): Banu Jini, Cheyyrian, Minam and Mithy.

  • Hi guys! Thanks so much for talking with us! Give us a short introduction to the TVR members.

TVR: We are four women making and playing post-punk rock music since 2011. We are currently based out of Delhi and Arunachal Pradesh. Since October, we’ve been back in the studio, working on our album and touring the country playing shows on the side.

The Vinyl Records are Cheyyrian Bark from Assam (28) who is the lead vocalist and plays keyboards and guitar. Mithy Tatak from Arunachal Pradesh (28) is our drummer and percussionist. Banu Jini, also from Arunachal Pradesh (28) plays lead guitar and also sings. Minam Tekseng, from Arunachal (28) plays bass guitar and is also on backing vocals.

Banu, Mithy, Minam and Cheyyrian repping The Vinyl Records t-shirts.


(L-R) Banu, Mithy, Minam and Cheyyrian. wearing TVR band t-shirt

  • How did you guys get together and tell us how it all started for you?

TVR: Three of us studied in the same school back home in Arunachal Pradesh and we all moved to Delhi for further studies. It wasn’t long before we started jamming and discussing music with our then manager and mentor Getem Apang (who is the guitarist for Omak Komut Collective). Eventually, we met Cherry, our vocalist, at a music school in Delhi and the rest feels like history!

  • What is the story behind the band name?

TVR: We spent some time, brainstormed together and came up with 3 names – Soapdish, Starline Express and The Vinyl Records! No prizes for guessing which one we went with 😉

TVR photographed by Vinnet Bora in 2014.


(L-R) Banu, Cheyyrian, Mithy and Minam | Photograph by Vinnet Bora

  • What’s the inspiration behind your music? 

TVR: We all listen to and aspire to create GOOD MUSIC. For us, music is a beautiful journey and as artists, we get to express our emotions and experiences in an organic manner. We hope to continue on this journey and make more music together for many years to come.

  • How have your roots and upbringing influenced your working style?

TVR: We were all brought up like very normal children. While we were in school, all of us personally connected with music differently and the fact that we were rebellious got us connected to punk music \m/

TVR performing “Rage” from their new album at NH7 weekender Meghalaya

  • What is your message for young and aspiring musicians?

TVR : Be real, Be consistent!

TVR performing at Vans Off The Wall at Hard Rock Cafe, New Delhi.


TVR performing at Vans Off The Wall at Hard Rock Cafe, New Delhi.

  • Tell us about your latest work and projects.

TVR: We are very excited to play at the Orange Festival in Arunachal Pradesh this year! And yes… There’s a surprise project dropping real soon, so stay tuned! 🙂

TVR at Xperience Northeast Festival, Bangalore.

The official music video of “Whims” by TVR.

Check out TVR’s latest album and to know more about them, their journey and upcoming shows, follow them on Instagram, Facebook. You can also watch their videos by subscribing to their YouTube ChannelTVR’s single “Honeysuckle” shot at beautiful Leh.

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