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“I Write Songs Based On My Life Experiences” – A Chat With Bors Bey, Singer-Songwriter From Assam

For Bors Im Bey, making music is about sharing his life experiences with people. What began as a hobby for him in college, has now become his passion and profession. A self-taught singer-songwriter from Assam, he currently resides in Goa, and performs gigs and in events across the country. He write songs both in English and Hindi, and enthralls his fans with his mellifluous voice. Read on as he opens up about his life and inspiration!  We had a chat with Bors Im Bey, singer-songwriter from Assam. He talks about how he discovered his passion for music, his gigs in Goa and more! Hello! Please introduce yourself to our readers. Hi! My name is Bor Im Bey — Bors became a stage name during my college days and has stuck till today. I was brought up in Karbi Anglong, a beautiful district in Assam. But I currently live in Goa and keep travelling around the country for mostly private gigs/events. I started my music journey in 2015. What sparked your interest in singing, how did …


#RECIPE | Assamese Fish Stew with Aromatic Vietnamese Mint

North East Indian food is known for their typical style of cooking – which is usually, steaming or boiling, and the use of fresh ingredients and flavorful local spices. Today we have one of our favorite home chefs – Geeta from Assam, make an interesting fish dish combining all the trademarks of most cuisines from the region.  It’s a subtly flavored fish stew with seasonal veggies and aromatic Vietnamese mint, “Many have a preset concept that boiled fish is smelly but that is totally wrong” says Geeta. Totally agree! It’s all in the right mix of spices and technique. Let’s find out how! Fish Stew With Aromatic Vietnamese Mint by Geeta Dutta From Guwahati, Assam. Ingredients : 1 Kg Fish (Rohu or Katla, sliced into thin pieces) 1/2 tbsp Ginger (crushed ) 5-10 cloves of Garlic 4-5 Green Chilies 3 Tomatoes 4-5 Baby potatoes 2-3 Carrots Black Pepper (according to taste) Spring onions Vietnamese mint Preparation : Crush the ginger, garlic and green chillies separately. Roast (over a fireplace or stove) 3 ripe tomatoes and …


Recipe Of “Butter-Garlic Prawn” Dish By Irin Kashyap From Assam

If you are a seafood lover, this dish is the one for you. Today, we have butter-garlic prawn dish contributed by Irin Kashyap from Tezpur, Assam. This dish is one of the easiest and fastest recipe made with the least of ingredients. Irin is going to show us how it is done, so let’s find out!  The recipe of Butter-Garlic Prawn dish, contributed by Irin Kashyap from Tezpur, Assam. Ingredients : 250 gms of Prawn 1 whole garlic Coriander Butter Black pepper Salt Preparation of the dish : Mildly heat the pan, add 4-5 tbsp of butter so that enough butter is left to use as a sauce. Always cook in medium flame so that the butter does not burn. Add the chopped garlic, fry for a bit Add the prawns and fry for another 7-9 minutes Add salt to taste Sprinkle black pepper Once done, add the chopped coriander. And the delicious Butter-Garlic Prawn dish is ready to serve hot with a steam bowl of rice or with a chilled beer!


#RECIPE | Learn How to Make “Pitika” – Eggplant Chutney from Assam

This one is for the chutney lovers. Today we learn how to make an interesting roasted eggplant chutney called “Pitika”, contributed by Puravee Bordoloi from Assam –  a passionate home chef, and an advocate by profession.  Pitika is an eggplant chutney – a side dish that is almost always present in any authentic Assamese thali/platter. It’s a simple chutney that needs only a handful of ingredients, but has a mouthful of flavors. So let’s find out how to make this interesting chutney from Assam! Find out how to make the famous “Pitika” – an Assamese chutney prepared with egg plant, tomatoes, chilli and Coriander Ingredients : 1 Eggplant (Bigger eggplants are preferable) 1 medium Tomato 1 Onion  (finely chopped) 3-4 chillies (finely chopped) 1 tsp of mustard oil Fresh coriander leaves chopped Roasted sesame powder (optional) Salt to taste Ingredients for Assamese chutney “Pitika”  (L to R, clockwise): chopped coriander leaves, roasted eggplant, tomato, onion, chillies and ginger. Directions to Cook: Prick the eggplant with a fork and smear some oil all over it Now roast the eggplant and …


“When I Am Not Working, You Will Find Me Climbing One Of The Himalayan Ranges”-A Chat With Montana Baruah From Assam, A Banker And an Adventurer Seeker

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams” – Oprah Winfrey Montana Baruah from Assam lives the life of her dreams. Working as a banker, she fulfills her love for traveling whenever she gets a day off from work. She has been to 13 states and 2 countries so far and is always looking forward to new adventures every day. She finds joy in going on trekkings and  challenges herself to go out of her comfort zone. Read on to know more about this passionate adventure junkie! Today, we chat with Montana Baruah from Assam, a passionate traveler and adventure lover. She talks about how she goes about pre-planning her trips and also leaves some very important tips for first-time trekkers. Hi Montana! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Hello! My name is Montana Baruah. I’m 27 and originally from a small town in Assam called Jorhat. I have been staying in Guwahati for almost 11 years now and I work as a full-time banker there. I pretty much …


#RECIPE | Assamese Dish “Kusiyar Jalukia” – Spicy Eel Curry With Papaya by Dr. Geeta Dutta

When the weather is cold, a hot peppery curry of eel will help keep you warm. Add to that, eel is highly nutritious and recommended for people affected with anemia. Today’s dish is contributed by Dr. Geeta Dutta from Guwahati, Assam – a food lover and an enthusiastic home chef. The dishes that she prepares are guaranteed to be top in health, nutrition and flavor. Today we are happy to share the recipe for a spicy curry of Eel with papaya (popularly known as ‘Kusiyar Jalukia’ in Assam), contributed by Dr. Geeta from Assam. Read on to find out the ingredients and how to prepare this yummy dish to keep you warm this winter! Ingredients : 250 gms of eel, cut into cubes. 2 onions, grated. 1 papaya, cut into 3-inch size pieces. 1 teaspoon each of cumin and black pepper, grinded to a fine paste. 1 teaspoon of ginger garlic paste. 2 green chilies. 1 teaspoon turmeric powder. Salt to taste 3 teaspoons mustard oil. Directions to cook : Heat the mustard oil in a wok. Add …


“The Fact That We Were All Rebels Brought Us Together Through Punk Music” | A Chat With Indie Punk Rocker Girls From Delhi & Arunachal – The Vinyl Records!

Today we have some refreshing guests with us. Presenting  ‘The Vinyl Records’ – a powerful, post-punk rock girl band from Delhi. Comprising of four fierce and bold women from Arunachal Pradesh and Assam, they share a common love for post-punk rock, and are here to make some great music with a dash of glam rock. ‘The Vinyl Records’ have been playing across the country since their inception in 2011. TVR has also performed at large scale music festivals such like NH7 weekender, Ziro Festival of Music and Puma loves Vinyl, proving that girls indeed can rock as hard as the boys! The lovely ladies chat with R&L to share more about themselves, and their music. Here’s a fun chat with the members of Indie Post-Punk band “The Vinyl Records” from Delhi. This all girl band from Arunachal Pradesh and Assam share some interesting tit-bits about their band, their music and more. Read on to know more about them, what ticks their boxes and all the things that inspire these rockstars. Hi guys! Thanks so much for talking with us! Give us a …


Drone Photographer Parth Konwar from Assam Wants Us to Get Lost in the Breathtaking Landscapes of North East India

“Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more.” ~ Vincent van Gogh. Full-time student and hobby photographer Parth Konwar from Assam literally takes these words to heart as he enthralls us with his artworks, which are mostly a representation of nature at it’s best as captured through his lenses.  We are happy to feature Parth Konwar, a young student and photographer from Jorhat, Assam with a fabulous and artistic eye for landscape photography. He talks to us about his passion for the art, how his new found love for drone photography came about, and how nature and his hometown has always inspired him. Hi Parth, welcome to R&L! Tell us a little about yourself, where you’re from and what you’ve been up to. I’m Parth Konwar and I’m a student and photographer currently based in New Delhi. I was born in Jorhat and my family shifted to Guwahati around 4 years ago. I did my Graduation in Energy Engineering from Shillong and moved to Delhi around …

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#Recipe | Good Ol’ French Toast With Banana, Chocolate and Salted Caramel

Hands up if you have sweet memories of tucking into a hot stack of French Toast for breakfast. Team R&L certainly remembers having it packed for lunch, or relishing it as an afternoon snack at home. Today our contributors  – Sabiha & Sameena – the lovely sisters from The Mid Mess tell us how they like to give the French Toast a special twist of sweet indulgence. Let’s find out how. French Toast is a popular breakfast dish all across the world but this version by The Mid Mess is an all-out indulgence. Try this recipe out and impress your friends with a special dessert, weekend brunch or a yummy snack at any time of the day. Ingredients for the French Toast:  1 tbsp Sugar 50 ml milk 3 bananas, thinly sliced 6 slices bread 4 eggs 50 gm butter, coarsely chopped 2 tbsp Nutella or chocolate spread  1⁄2 tsp cinnamon powder  Toasted coconut slices Ingredients (Clockwise from left): Salted caramel, milk, bread, banana, eggs & toasted coconut slices Ingredients for the Salted Caramel: 100 gm brown sugar …


#Faces | This Portrait of an Old Man Captured By Tenzing Will Transport You Into A World Of Fantasy And Fairy Tales

“We had a day off and a friend of mine suggested we go birding in a forest a few kilometers out of Guwahati. So we grabbed our cameras, some supplies to eat and headed out. My friend is an avid bird-watcher and frequently visits these forests. It was my first visit there so I didn’t know what to expect. We reached the edge of the forest and reached a temple that we needed to pass before actually entering the forest. As we approached the temple gates we were greeted by this old man. He wasn’t a man of many words nor was he a ‘ray of sunshine’. He had one job to do… Perhaps the most important job there. It was to make sure that no one enters the temple grounds with their footwear on. My friend explained to me that even though we weren’t there to worship and were simply passing by, the rules applied to us all the same. His eyes looked our way as I took a quick shot of him. When …