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A Chat With Theiyaphi Mahongnao, Nail Artist From Manipur & Founder of Lincy’s Nail Bar in Hyderabad

All of us have a dream that we want to achieve in life and it is not as easy as we think. It requires hard work, patience and determination to reach our goals. Our dear friend Theiyaphi Mahong has been a nail artist for over the past ten years now, and what once was her dream of having her own nail salon has become a reality just recently. Based in Hyderabad, “Lincy’s nail bar” was launched in March and was inaugurated by the beautiful actress, Ritu Varma. We chatted with Theiyaphi about her work and her passion. Scroll down to read!  We had a chat with Theiyaphi Mahongnao, nail artist from Manipur to talk about her recently launched nail salon ‘Lincy’s Nail Bar’ in Hyderabad Hi Theiyaphi, good to have you here with us. Please tell us a little about yourself. Hello everyone! My name is Theiyaphi Mahongnao aka Lincy and I belong to Tangkhul tribe in Manipur, but I’m currently based in Hyderabad. I’m a nail artist by profession and the owner of Lincy’s …


A Chat With Rinreichon Angkang, Student And Author From Manipur To Talk ABout Her Recently Launched Debut Book, “Blue Is Not One Of Her Favorite Colors”

Writing can be a freeing experience – it connects you with nature, brings you back to reality, and also gives you the freedom to dream. Today, we have Rinreichon Angkang, a student and passionate writer from Manipur, who recently launched her debut book ‘Blue is not one of her favorite colors.’ The book is a collection of short fictional stories and poems that explore various themes and emotions. Rinreichon started writing by jotting down her thoughts and reading daily quotes on the “YourQuote” app, which inspired her to create her own stories and poems. In this interview, we will discuss her book, its themes, and what inspired her to write it. We had a chat with Rinreichon Angkang from Manipur to discuss her recently released book ‘Blue is not one of her favorite colors’. Hi Rinrei, please tell us a little about yourself. Hello, I’m Rinreichon Angkang, 20 years old from Ukhrul, Manipur but I’m currently based in Shillong, Meghalaya pursuing my B.A final year at St. Mary’s College. Tell us about your book ‘Blue …


Recipe Of ‘Smoked Pork Belly’ By Chon Jamang From Manipur

We are excited as weekend arrived and once again it’s time to learn about yet another amazing food recipe! Today we have a dish, “Smoked Pork Belly”, contributed by Chon Jamang. She adds, “What is a Naga home without a pork dish! We love our pork and I, for one, love it more so when it’s smoked. The aged and smoked smell instantly brings you back home, wherever you may be.” Here in this dish, Chon has used few ingredients and prepared it in a simple method but the taste is to die for! Let’s find out everything below: “Smoked Pork Belly” dish contributed by Chon Jamang Ingredients: Smoked pork belly (cut in cubes) – 500gm Ginger and garlic paste (2-3 tbsp) Hao kasathei (local chili powder) – 50gm (more or less to your liking) Tomato (1) Oil Water (500ml) Salt to taste Preparation of the dish: Heat oil, just enough to saute the ginger garlic paste. Leave a smaller portion of the ginger garlic paste for later. Add smoked pork belly and cook in …


A Chat With Wungyophy A Shipo, Cabin Crew At Etihad Airways, About Her Travel Experience Across The World

Some people travel to seek adventures and some travel to discover new cultures, to find themselves. Every traveler has a different story to tell and today, we have Wungyophy, who shares her globetrotting adventures with us. She hails from Manipur and currently lives in Abu Dhabi working as a cabin crew at the Etihad Airways. Wungyophy said her work has given the greatest opportunity to explore the world and she is more than grateful for it. She lives every moment of her days following her dreams! Let’s find out more about her and her travel diaries. We had a chat with Wungyophy A Shipo, from Manipur to share about her travel experiences and more! Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself. Hello! I’m Wungyophy A Shipo aka Nanao Shipo from Ukhrul, Manipur. I am 31-years-old and currently living in Abu Dhabi, working as a cabin crew for Etihad Airways. “Waking up everyday being grateful that you can still dream higher and follow your heart” defines me. What does travelling mean to you and what inspired …


#RECIPE | ‘Pan Fried Chicken Thigh With Purple Rice’ – By Thanyo Lungleng From Manipur

Weekend’s here and it’s time for amazing food recipe once again! We are happy to have generous contributors to share their homemade delicacies with us every Saturday. Today, we present to you a special dish, ‘Pan fried chicken thigh served with purple rice’ – by Thanyo Lungleng, passionate cook and home baker from Manipur. She said her dish is inspired by famous Japanese Tori Katsu. Let’s find out! Thanyo’s dish ‘Pan fried Chicken thigh served with purple sticky rice’ inspired by Japanese Tori Katsu. Ingredients : Boneless chicken thigh (2 pieces) Sticky rice (2 cups) Butter (2 tbsp) Ginger and Garlic paste (2 tbsp) Red dried chilli (4) Coriander (1 gm) Salt to taste Directions to cook : STEP 1 : First marinate the boneless chicken thigh in salt, 1 tbsp paste of ginger and garlic overnight. Pan fry it in butter for about 20-30 mins on medium low heat (flip after every 5-10 mins) STEP 2 : For the sauce, add 1 tbsp of oil in a frying pan then add the ginger and garlic …


‘I Want My Art To Help People Appreciate The Beauty In The Smallest Things In Life’, A Chat With Thokchom Sony, Artist From Manipur

Thokchom Sony is a passionate artist from Manipur, who has done his bachelor’s in fine arts from Jamia Millia Islamia, followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Animation and VFX from AJKMCRC, Jamia. He started out as a freelance artist during his college days by illustrating children books, academic books and graphic novels. Ever since he has been living his dreams, painting his thoughts and holding an art exhibition at the capital. Sony is inspired by ethnicity, cultural diversity and mother nature. One could see in every artwork of Sony’s, there is a story to tell. Let’s find out everything about him and his work!   We had a chat with Thokchom Sony, artist from Manipur to talk about his work, his inspiration, his latest project and more! Hello Sony! Please introduce a little about yourself. My name is Thokchom Sony, originally from Imphal, Manipur, but currently living in New Delhi. I still carry the curiosity and imaginations of my childhood mind deep within my heart. I love exploring different cultures, meeting people from all around …


A Trip to Riha Village, Manipur with Vimim and Her Friends

“These photographs are taken in Riha Village, which lies in the Ukhrul District of Manipur. The village is only an hour long drive from Imphal. My friends and I hadn’t met for about a year and decided it was time to hang out. So, we drove down to this picturesque location to chill and catch up! It was simply the most beautiful day with a pleasant weather. The pine trees on the way to Riha was a beautiful sight and even more beautiful scenery unrolled as we reached the village. The breeze and the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains around the village served a perfect place for some amazing pictures. The cherry on the pie was the gorgeous sunset we witnessed. Definitely a memorable day” ~ Vimim Ragui from Manipur Vimim Ragui and the beautiful sunset behind her at Riha Village, Manipur


Recipe of ‘Creamy Tuscan Salmon With Spinach’ by Raman Okram from Manipur

Every Saturday is a delight for us as we get to share some of the most amazing recipes, contributed by our followers. We’re dedicating this Saturday to this deliciously easy recipe contributed by Raman Okram –  Creamy Salmon With Spinach. Raman hails from Manipur and has shared recipes with us before as well.  Recipe of ‘Creamy Tuscan Salmon with Spinach’ dish, contributed by Raman Okram from Manipur Ingredients: 1 Salmon fillet (seasoned with salt and pepper) Vegetable oil ( 1 tbsp ) Butter ( 1 tbsp ) Garlic ( 2-3 cloves ) Cherry tomatoes Bunch of spinach Salt and pepper to taste Cream ( 1/4 cup) Parmesan Herbs ( basil/rosemary/thyme ) Lime juice ( 1 tbsp ) Preparations of the dish : Heat the pan and add the vegetable oil Sear the salmon for about 3-4 minutes on all sides and set it aside Add butter, garlic, cherry tomatoes, spinach, and stir fry Add the salt and pepper to taste, then pour the cream over it and shred the Parmesan cheese on top (keep stirring) …


Quick and Easy Recipe of Shrimps with Chives – by Wormung from Manipur

Not every delicious food needs great effort or time to make, at least not the dish we’re sharing with you today. Try this simple delicacy of shrimps with chives, contributed by Wormung from Manipur. She has prepared her shrimp dish with just few ingredients such as chives picked from her kitchen garden, chilli powder and garlic-onion. Let’s check out how she has done it. Quick and easy recipe of shrimps with chives, contributed by Wormung from Manipur Ingredients : Shrimps ( 500 gm) Chives (350 gm) Chilli Powder ( 2 tbsp ) Garlic ( 7 cloves ) Onion ( 1 medium size ) Salt to taste Preparations : Heat the pan, add 3-4 tbsp of oil Add the chopped onion, fry for about a minute, then put the chopped garlic Add the properly washed shrimps, chilli powder, salt and fry for about 20 minutes Add the chopped chives onto it and fry for another 5-7 minutes. The shrimp dish is ready to serve. Enjoy!


“My Art Is Based On Cultural And Ethnic Identity” – A Chat With K Free Themreichan, Artist From Manipur

Today, we’re presenting to you yet another brilliant artist—K. Free Themreichan from Manipur, who is painter as well as a singer! Having been gifted with such impeccable talent, his paintings have been exhibited in various art shows and he has released two gospel albums too. His artworks showcases the rich culture of his community and the livelihood of the locals. “Growing up in nature’s lap gave me an unparalleled fondness for nature“, says Themreichan. His love for nature is certainly reflected in his art. Read on to know more about him. We had a chat with K Free Themreichan, an artist from Manipur, about his artworks, how his roots and culture inspired his work, his passion for music and more! Hello! Please introduce a little about yourself and your work. My name is K. Free Themreichan. I’m a painter and a musician from Ukhrul, Manipur. I did my BFA from Imphal Arts College and went on to complete MFA from College of Art, Delhi. My paintings have been exhibited in various art shows. My important …