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Recipe to Make ‘Bread Pakora’— an Effortless, Delicious, and Filling Snack

It can be exhausting to prepare a whole meal after a long day at work. And with the rise of the ‘work-from-home’ culture, being able to whip up a quick snack that can also serve as a satisfying lunch is an even more remarkable feat. Don’t you agree? Today, we have the pleasure of having Avinash Patnaik from Bhubaneswar, Odisha, who will teach us how to make ‘Bread Pakora’—an effortless, delicious, and filling snack that can be easily prepared using ingredients readily available in your kitchen. Get ready to bring the essence of this popular Indian street food right into your own kitchen, away from the bustling gullies. Avinash Patnaik from Bhubaneswar shares the recipe of his all-time favorite ‘Bread Pakora.’ Ingredients : 4 slices of bread (white or brown, depending on your bread preference) 1 cup besan (Gram flour) 1 pinch Haldi (turmeric Powder) 1 teaspoon cumin powder 1/2 teaspoon black salt 1-2 green chilies, finely chopped Chopped Coriander Salt  to taste Water, as required to make the batter Refined oil for deep frying …

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To Bread or Not to Bread? This Easy Bread Recipe by Sonya from Berlin Says a Big Yes!

To bread or not to bread, must have been an imposing question in your head during this quarantine. What’s interesting is the fact that even those who have never baked in their life, are braving this thought as well 🙂 Some say it is an art, some say it is precision science – and for some, it is pure passion. As for most of us, it is a daily stable that we sometimes like to ‘French toast‘ it up! So if you are up for the challenge to figure out the science and the art of bread-making, well, your time is here. Our new friend Sonya – a mom and a passionate baker from Berlin, is here to share a simple bread recipe to get you started. Happy baking! Bread recipe by Sonya from Berlin, a mom and a passionate baker Ingredients for Sonya’s favorite bread recipe: 500 grams flour 20 grams yeast 15 grams of salt  15 grams of sugar 50 ml of vegetable oil 50 ml of milk  250 ml lukewarm water  50 …

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Here are Some Tips to Spice up Your Favorite ‘Aloo Fry’ Recipe

  A question to the millennial folks out here. Had this pandemic happened during our school days, what do you think you would be missing the most? Friends.. boybands chatter, gossip.. or perhaps our much anticipated tiffin time the most? Remember how we all had our own – or rather, our mom’s /dad’s version of ‘aloo fry’ packed neatly with rice? From mashed to dry fry to mixed curry, our relationship with aloo (potatoes) was a special one. In fact, our tiffins depended on it! The best part is, our love for ‘aloo fry’ has only grown over the years with many of us relying on this robust ingredient to liven up any dull meal. So we did a bit of searching on social media and found some friends from our community who were super happy to share the recipe of their signature aloo fry. Scroll through the recipe, take notes (maybe spin in your own ingredients), and may you find this familiar comfort in every meal 🙂 Alu Fry by Inukali K Zhimomi from …

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Authentic Recipe of The Popular Naga ‘Pork with Bamboo Shoot’ from Nagaland

Here’s a recipe for a local favorite pork dish from Nagaland submitted by Sentienla (profile at the bottom). Pork with bamboo shoot is a favorite dish in Nagaland, whether it’s a humble meal at home with family or for important celebrations like weddings, tribal festivals, or Christmas. This recipe features pork belly, which adds a special succulent flavor due to the fat content. Let’s get cooking! Ingredients:  Pork belly ( cut into cubes) – 500gm Dry red chilies 13-15 nos Garlic 12-15 cloves 1/2 cup of dry bamboo shoot Water 100-200ml Salt to taste Directions to cook:  Soak the dry red chilies in hot water for 6-10mins. Then take a mortar and pestle, and ground them. Soak the dried bamboo shoot in water (room temperature) for 3-5 mins. Coarsely ground the garlic in a mortar and pestle  Take a deep pot and put the pork belly – cut into pieces, and cook on low flame until the fat from the meat starts coming out. Stir occasionally Now, add the soaked dry bamboo shoot, crushed garlic, …


Recipe | Learn How to Make The Famous Axone (Fermented Soyabean) From Nagaland

[First published on 25th May, 2019] Axone (pronounced ‘Aakhuni’) is a fermented soybean paste with a very strong pungent smell, and it is one of the most popular spices from Nagaland, in the North East of India. It is indigenous to the ‘Sumi’ Naga tribe but is widely used across all Naga dishes. While locals in Nagaland usually buy it from the market, it is also made at home. Axone made by the Sumi tribe is most favored, obviously. Today, we have Inali Jane Ayemi, a passionate cook from Nagaland, to guide us through the entire process of making Axone at home. All we need are soybeans, a pressure cooker, and leaves to wrap them for fermentation. The complete process takes about a week. Let’s get started! Preparing Axone (aakhuni) at home: Wash the soya beans and soak them for about 20-30 mins Cook it in a pressure cooker, then strain it dry Then pound the soyabean to make it into a paste (as shown in the photo) Wrap portions of the pounded soyabean paste …

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Recipe of ‘Plain Paratha and Aloo Fry’ with Chai by Khevito Elvis Lee

As the lockdown continues, most of us are in a constant pursuit to pick up on new skills – and cooking is turning out to be quite popular. That being said, it may not be that easy for most of us to master our favorite dishes in such a short period of time. But this is where our evening starts to brighten up. . . Over the last 3-4 years of our short existence (so far), we have been lucky to have met so many passionate and talented and kind folks who have been inspiring us from day 1. Today our friend Khevito Elvis Lee – chef and owner of the popular ‘Hornbill Restaurant’ in Delhi, is here to teach us how to make the yummiest paratha and aloo fry! Yes, we know, it’s one of our favorite dishes in this world! Best part is, it is super easy to make , and the ingredients are easy to find in your kitchen anyday. So without wasting much time, let’s get started! Ingredients for Plain Paratha …


Lockdown Special Recipe by Kristi Kikon | Popular ‘Naga Chow’ Made with Maggi Noodles

Hello there! It’s been a while since we’ve shared anything on our online blog. Our last post was published on the 26th of Jan, and we have been on an intentional break as we got caught up with our busy life. But all that while, we have been thinking hard about ‘de-stressing’, ‘taking it easy’, ‘time to chill’ and so many such ideas. And then COVID happens. Look at us! All locked inside our homes as we coalesce into this virtual community sharing our fears and thoughts – while trying hard to stay positive amidst all the chaos that is happening around us. These trying times have highlighted the importance of staying connected with like-minded individuals, sharing information, encouraging and supporting each other, and extending a helping hand to our neighbors and communities. Today’s ‘Instant Noodles’ recipe is a perfect demonstration of how the community can come together and make things happen! Here’s what happened: One of our readers, currently residing in Delhi during this lockdown, reached out to us expressing his desperate craving for …

#Recipe| Smoked Pork and Beef With Mushroom Recipe For New Year Special

It’s a new year, and with New Year celebrations, good food is a must! This New Year, we got some mouth-watering smoked meat recipe which we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Read below to learn the recipe and make some for yourself this year. Ingredients: 2 cups of smoked beef and pork (chopped) 2 Tomatoes (chopped) 8-9 sliced green chillies 7-8 spring garlic 1/2 cup chopped garlic 1/4 cup fermented bamboo-shoot water 1 cup oyster mushroom (or any mushroom of your choice) How to cook: Put all the ingredients (except the spring garlic) in a pot. Add 3 cups of water. Add salt to taste Cook till all the water reduces. Add spring garlic. Let it cook over low flame for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat.


Title: RECIPE | Quick & Healthy South Indian Snack Called Appey

For when you want a quick yet healthy snack to munch on, try out this recipe of vegetarian Appey, submitted by Sangeeta Dubey from Allahabad. Her personal favourite for breakfast and evening snack, she picked up this recipe when she was travelling in South India. Appey is made with sooji (rava or semolina) and fresh veggies, and requires little oil. Things needed to make the batter: 2 cup rava/sooji/semolina 1 cup curd 1 tbsp salt 1 cup water 1 cup finely chopped vegetables (like capsicum, cabbage, onion, tomato, grated carrots, and peas) 1 tsp fine chopped green chilli 1 tsp salt 1/4 tsp red chilli powder Oil for greasing How to make it: 1. Mix batter ingredients well and leave it for 30 mins or more. 2. After 30 minutes, add eno and mix it well again. Start greasing the appey pan. 3. Fill 1-1 tbsp batter in appey mold. 4. Press the batter and again add 2-2 tbsp batter on filling. 5. Now cover the pan for a couple of minutes until under side …


#Recipe | Wai Wai Snack With Chickpeas

Wai Wai always comes in handy when you want to try out new recipes. It never disappoints, whether it’s cooking or savouring it. Today we have another Wai Wai recipe contributed by Rachel, which you can make easily at the comforts of your home with easily available ingredients. It makes for an easy yet delicious snack for any time of the day. Ingredients: 1 Waiwai 1 King Chilli 1 Tomato Half an Onion Chickpeas Carrots(Optional) How to make: Soak chickpeas overnight Slice onion, tomato, and carrots. Crush the King Chilli. Fry the onion, tomato, and carrot together for 5 mins. Put the crushed king chilli in and fry for 1 minute. Put chickpeas in. Fry for 10 mins. Keep stirring. Take out from heat. Crush waiwai, mix with the fried ingredients and enjoy.