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Naga Recipe | Chicken with Dried Colocasia Leaves and Fresh Bamboo Shoot


A hearty Naga meal would consist of cooked rice, some boiled vegetables (fresh from your/your neighbour’s kitchen garden), hot chutney and of course meat! We love our pork, but chicken is a favourite too. We just make sure that it has the right mix of local herbs and spices to get that authentic Naga flavor irrespective of what the main ingredient is.

Today we have a special chicken recipe from Lidang’s kitchen – made with dried Colocasia Leaves and our favourite ingredient: the bamboo shoot. Super easy to make (as long as you can get your hands on these local spices), and mouth-wateringly delicious!Full recipe below 🙂

RootsandLeisure_Chicken with colocasia

Photo : Dried Colocasia Leaves


  1. Chicken-250 gm
  2.  Handful of dried colocasia leaves
  3.  2-3 tablespoon of fresh bamboo shoots
  4.  Green chillies as per taste
  5. Ginger
  6. Salt to taste
  7. 2 cups of water

Ingredients (clockwise from Left) : Dried colocasia leaves, fresh bamboo shoot, sliced ginger, Green chillies

RootsandLeisure_Chicken with colocasia

Ingredients (clockwise from Left) : Dried Colocasia leaves, Bamboo shoot, sliced ginger, Green chillies

Preparation (5mins)

  1. Wash all the ingredients throughly
  2. Slit the chillies into two, and keep aside
  3. Cut the ginger into thin slices and keep aside

Directions to Cook (30 mins)

  1. Put all the ingredients into an aluminium pot or a ceramic casserole. Do not forget to add water
  2. Cover with a lid and cook on high flame for 20-30 minutes. (Note : Do not stir while cooking, as the colocasia leaves may give an itchy/irritation to the throat – if disturbed while cooking)
  3. Now check if the chicken is tender and well cooked, and if the leaves are soft. Stir gently and and remove the lid and cook till the water dries.
  4. Naga chicken is ready! Serve hot with Rice. Bon Appétit!

Naga Style Chicken with Dried Colocasia Leaves and Bamboo Shoot

RootsandLeisure_Chicken with colocasia

Photo : Naga Style Chicken with Dried Colocasia Leaves


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