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This 17-Year-Old Model from Nagaland Might be India’s Next Supermodel – Meet Andrea Kevichusa


All of 17, and at 5 feet 9 inches tall, Andrea Kevichusa from Nagaland is already making waves in the modeling industry. With a portfolio fast filling up with heavyweight assignments –  with the likes of  Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Piaf, and many international projects, she is definitely taking wings on the right path. Add to that her confidence and maturity at such a young age, we may soon have another supermodel from the Northeast of India. [Remember supermodel Leno Kense from Nagaland?]

“I started modeling as a hobby when I was 15 and doors started opening up for me. I am still in school but I also work as a part-time model under an agency in Mumbai.” Sounds like a perfect teenage dream – especially for a small town girl strutting her way to the top in a big city. Exactly the kind of stories that warms and excites our heart – all at the same time.

Here’s an exclusive interview with Andrea from Nagaland, as we talk modeling, career, school, family, roots and more.

Model Andrea Kevichusa | Photographed by Adhiraj Chakrabarti

  • Hi Andrea. Please introduce yourself.

 I am 17 years old, and a student of class 12. I am also a part-time model under the agency Anima Creatives in Mumbai.
  • How did you it all start?

I started modeling as a hobby when I was 15 and doors started opening up for me. I am still in school like I mentioned, but I am currently, I work under an agency in Mumbai.

Andrea Kevichusa spotted at the NAJ Cosfest 2016, in Kohima – during her early days of modeling.

RootsandLeisure_Cosfest_Andrea kevichusa

Andrea Kevichusa spotted at NAJ Annual Cosfest, Kohima in July 2016

  • Very interesting! So how do you juggle school and your modeling assignments?
Dividing my time between studies and modeling is an uphill task. However, I only travel during school breaks or only when I can take a leave from school.
  • How have your Naga roots influenced your career as a model?

To take ‘roots’ to the context of looking different from your fellow models from other parts of India, my North Eastern looks have definitely given me an edge in bagging editorial and commercial assignments.

“With Fashion being a big global playground – always on the lookout for something fresh, there is novelty in being blessed with unique features and styles. I speak for myself, but my North Eastern roots and features have been beneficial for me as a model.”

Photo: Andrea Kevischusa | Makeup by Riviera Lynn (@animacreatives) and photographed by Shahid Datawala

  • Tell us about your latest assignments!

The latest project I had done was a campaign shoot for Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s latest collection consisting of Ritz evening wear, Piaf, International Wedding Line and White Wedding, the Bold and Beautiful, and Cerise Nuit evening wear. This collection was introduced in Hong Kong.

Andrea Kevischusa for Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s latest collection of Ritz evening wear.

Andrea Kevischusa for @sabyasachiofficial  [Lensed by @thebadlydrawnboy 
Hair and Makeup by @sandhyashekar]

  • Any word of advice for aspiring models?

I’m still a novice and learning each day, but from my limited experience, I would say that work will take you places and connect you with many types of people – each with their own quirks, styles, and opinions. So it is important to accept and to learn from both praise and criticism, and yet not to take both personally; to enjoy the experience but to stay grounded and not get carried away. These contribute to molding you into the person/professional you would become in the future.

“So be open to new experiences and learnings but at the same time, be careful of what you take in. After all, a well rounded, mature personality is an asset not only in this industry but will help you throughout your life.”

Andrea Kevichusa with her mom, during an outing in Nagaland

Andrea with her mother.

Andrea Kevichusa (top left) with her family  – sisters and parents.

Andrea (top left) with her family.

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Rootsandleisure_Andrea Kevichusa

Photo: Andrea Kevichusa [Photographed by Siddhant Vaidya]

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