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#FACES | Aswathy Krishna From Kerala Explores The Most Beautiful Tourist Spot In The Forest Hills Of Coorg, Karnataka

“It was a very pleasant morning following a breathtakingly beautiful sunrise in March at the Three Hills Farm House, 30km away from Madikeri City, Coorg. I was sitting with a cup of coffee outside the cottage which was built completely of wood, reading my book and enjoying the lovely view. Surrounded by the cool breeze, dreamy fog, the alluring forest view, those avacado and orange trees and small talks with my companion, the entire experience was an unexpected gift from Mother Nature. It was unforgettable!” “The farm house is situated in a no network zone of the village Bettathur in Karnataka. Coorg is the most beautiful tourist spot in the state and is at the border of Kerala. My ex-colleague, Chandan and I decided to go on an unplanned and sudden trip to get a break from the city life.” “I’m very happy to have found this heavenly place on Earth.” – Aswathy Krishna, Kerala.

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#Recipe | Classic French Toast with a Decadent Twist: Banana, Chocolate, and Salted Caramel

Raise your hand if you have fond memories of devouring a steaming stack of French Toast for breakfast. We at Team R&L definitely recall savoring it as a packed lunch or enjoying it as a delightful afternoon snack at home. Today, we have the pleasure of featuring Sabiha & Sameena, the talented sisters from The Mid Mess, as they share their unique take on this classic favorite. Get ready to discover their delightful twist that adds an extra touch of sweet indulgence to the beloved French Toast. Let’s dive in and uncover their secret recipe! French Toast is a popular breakfast dish all across the world but this version by The Mid Mess is an all-out indulgence. Try this recipe out and impress your friends with a special dessert, weekend brunch, or a yummy snack at any time of the day. Ingredients for the French Toast:  1 tbsp Sugar 50 ml milk 3 bananas, thinly sliced 6 slices bread 4 eggs 50 gm butter, coarsely chopped 2 tbsp Nutella or chocolate spread  1⁄2 tsp cinnamon …

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This Sister Duo from Assam are Taking Food Aesthetics to Another Level Through Their Food Blog “The Mid Mess”

Two sisters  , Sabiha and Samee Taskin from Assam works 9-to-5  job but their passion for food and photography led to the birth of food blogging journey “The Mid Mess ” . From experimenting new recipes to creating an aesthetic plate of food that will make you think twice before you take a bite , these sisters will make sure you have your cravings fixed with the right amount of nutrition. We talk with the brains behind “The Mid Mess”  on how they started their journey , dreams and their love for food. Tell us a little about yourselves . We are Sabiha and Samee hailing from Assam and currently living in Bangalore who loves to eat, cook , nerd out about anything nutrition related.We also love travelling and has a passion for photography. We also work as freelance photographers so ,we take up many food photography projects across India, where we click photos of either their new launches or good looking delicious photos for their websites. Tell us about your venture <The Mid Mess>. How did you …


A Chat With A Designer Cake Artist of Culinart – Shwethaprajwala from Bangalore

They say, “If you have creativity in you and haven’t realized it yet, no matter wherever you are, whatever you are doing, creativity is bound to hit you.” Being a Commerce student and an MBA in Human Resources, she found her calling for baking cakes with utmost creativity and love after experimenting on being a Graphic Designer. Today, we got a chance to strike up a conversation with a Designer Cake Artist Shwethaprajwala from Bangalore who shares on how she got hooked onto baking fondant cakes with her Designer Cake Boutique – Culinart. Hey Shwetha, share a brief about yourself I’m Swethaprajwala, the Chief Designer of Culinart. Like most modern Indian women wear many hats, I’m a proud Bengalurean, a Homemaker and a Cake Artist working out of home. Tell us about your venture – Culinart. What’s so special about it? Culinart is a Designer Cake Boutique, started in 2012, specializing in creating designer cakes. Our cakes are usually ordered for special ceremonies, occasions for family, friends and significant others.  My creations are homemade, customized, and based …


“The Essence of Travel is to Experience a Destination in its Organic Form” – Meet The Founders of Madventures From Bangalore

Today, we have Pranav Mutalik and Shreyas Bhat, the busy young entrepreneurs with us who have come up with their Eco Tourism Agency – Madventures on nothing but one of their college trips. Aged around 26, the founders believe that experiencing the place and its people is devoid of the distraction the modern tourism industry offers. To be able to see, feel and experience a destination in its most organic form, is the essence of travel; same goes for hikes. Here’s a conversation with Shreyas, one of the Founders, who tell us how Madventures was born. Share a brief about the Founder of the venture We, Pranav (Mutalik) and I (Shreyas Bhat), have ardent love for traveling and hiking. We have always enjoyed being outdoors and amidst nature and this drove us to get into the hiking and trekking business. In fact, the idea of starting Madventures took shape on one of our trips in college; however, the company means much more to us now. Tell us something about Madventures. What is it all about? Madventures …


I Love Clicking Moments When People Live And Laugh – Meet Siddharth Sharma From Bangalore

They say if you really want something in your life, you should work hard for it and earn it; not just think about it. Today we have Siddharth Sharma – A Software Engineer by profession and a Photographer by passion from Bangalore. He believes that life is a race and you should give your best and try to reach a level where you can stand on your own with pride. Here’s an honest conversation with the man behind the lens who loves capturing people’s memories and present them. Share a little detail about yourself and what you have been up to? I’m Siddharth Sharma – a Software Professional working in Bangalore and originally from Bhilwara, Rajasthan. With 4 siblings in house and my father being the only source of income, we never had a thought of having a hobby to pursue. I was inclined towards photography since childhood but could not afford it; even after my job. It was my wife Swati Sharma who realized my love for photography and gifted me a smartphone. That’s when …


I’m Trying To Create Something Beautiful Out Of Charcoal – Mohit Negi From Bangalore

When the same routine of going to office and then back home makes you feel bored, do something creative. A software professional during the day and an artist by the evening, Mohit Negi from Bangalore shares his story with Roots & Leisure about his love for Charcoal Sketching. Here’s a crisp conversation with the man behind the charcoal sketches. Share a little details about yourself and what you have been up to? My name is Mohit Negi and I am from Dehradun, presently working in an IT company here in Bangalore. For the past two years, I have engaged myself in charcoal sketching, painting and have also provided workshops on it. Apart from that, I travel a lot; go for treks, road trips and I’m also into adventure sports. So how did you get started? Well, boredom from a monotonous IT job was good enough to spark my interest in this. Being colorblind, I was always interested in black and white images and drawings. This and my love for sketching inspired me to learn more about Charcoal …


A Beady Conversation With Uma – The Creator of Hol-O-Beads

Ever thought how the jewelry made of beads are created? Ever thought of making them? Today, we introduce Uma Vaijnath – the Creator and Founder of Hol-O-Beads (@holo.bead) who shares her story on how she got hooked onto making wired jewelry. Her creative jewelry work on beads, threads and wires are something to look at. Here’s a quick conversation with Uma on how one trip inspired her to get into beading. Share a little details about yourself and what you have been up to? I’m Uma Vaijnath, Ex-Software Professional. Now I have turned to a Happy Homemaker since 2005 after my daughter Abha’s birth. What initially sparked your interest in this field? A visit to Dakshinachitra in May 2012. The trip literally sparked the interest in trying magazine paper jewelry and thread jewelry. At one of their stalls, a shop keeper showed how to do a thread jewelry, which I could easily do and the same person backed off to show a macrame based bracelet. “I bought that bracelet for Rs 40/- and took up …

This Bangalore Artist and Illustrator Takes Surreal Art to the Next Level – Meet Vibhav Singh

Now and then, while on our quest to find amazing and unique work of art and their creators to inspire us, we often come across artists that transcend the real world in a rare way. Every work they create provokes familiarity within us. Scrolling through Vibhav Singh’s work made the team exclaim, “This one is stolen from my dream!” or “Whew, that’s what I was thinking just yesterday!” Vibhav’s work seems to have created a bond with his fans and followers too. By being dreamy, yet eerily real, his art constructs a world that makes us want to quit whatever we’re doing and sip on hot chocolate with them in the hidden attics of our mind. Hello Vaibhav, so tell us your story! I’m a 21-year-old artist and illustrator working in Bangalore – and I like to tell stories. I’m originally from Indirapuram from NCR, New Delhi. Stories have always been a huge part of my life through books, doodles, and films, and that’s what I intend to bring to my work. I’ve been drudging …


My Journey From Being an IT Engineer to Yoga Teacher & Vegan Baker: Ekta Minocha | Homemade Beku, Bangalore

If recent news reports are anything to go by, veganism just got trendy. To the committed carnivores among us, adopting a vegan diet aka no meat, no fish, no dairy, and no eggs, sounds like a dramatic step.  But even if you made the necessary relevant changes to your lifestyle and diet, following through it outside the confines of your home in India gets challenging. That’s where vegan bakers like Ekta Minocha are passionately helping their customers enjoy their journey through veganism. We first came to know of Ekta Minocha and her vegan baking venture, Homemade Beku, through her Instagram profile. Her beautifully decorated, moist, and delicious looking baked goods and vegan savories will make your mouth water. Minocha has also started a blog recently, called The Vegan Birdie, that is already a name to reckon with in Bangalore’s baking community. Whoever said the vegan food was boring? When and why did you decide to become a vegan baker? I started out in the corporate world in Bangalore as an engineer in 2007. Since then, my …